About Us

Meet the Hungry Mother Runners!


Candice is a wife and mother to 3 kids, a set of twins and a 6 month old.  She works as a fitness instructor Vasa Fitness teaching boot camp, Les Mills Body Pump, and Body Attack. She is also a trainer at GPP fitness.
Candice loves to run marathons, half marathons, triathlons. She is a former AFL dancer and dental assistant. She studied health science in college and has a passion for nutrition and loves to chat about all things food, running and adventure.


Ashley is also a wife and a mother to 2 and... a half boys! She has been a hair stylist for 10 years and loves her job. She is also fitness enthusiast. She is an accomplished triathlete placing overall in several local triathlons. She loves to race and knows how to push herself to succeed.
She loves to spend time in the kitchen creating healthy meals and desserts for her family. She lives a healthy lifestyle and is an inspiration to many.

Candice and Ashley have been friends since high school and both train together at GPP fitness. We love to start every morning together sweating and laughing.

We are excited to share our passion for fitness, food, triathlons, running, workouts, apparel, shoes, beauty products, kid activities and anything else related to living our crazy, hectic.. healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for stopping by our blog and I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration for yourself as you work with us to live a healthy lifestyle through this crazy thing called life.