Tuesday, March 29, 2011

..Beef Jerky..

When Brent and I go on a road trips. One thing is always required.. beef jerky. We both love to snack on it while we drive. We really only buy it when we go on trips.. because its a perfect high protein snack. But its  expensive, sometimes too salty, dry, chewy etc. also full of preservatives, some high fructose syrup.  So I decided I need to just make my own. So I can also eat it whenever I want and just not on special trips.
I don't have a dehydrator, which would be ideal... but I still made do without. It took time. But it was SO worth it. The beef jerky needs to marinate overnight so be sure to plan ahead :)

..Beef Jerky..


  • 1/2 lb lean top round sirloin beef roast, a little frozen still. (trim off the fat)
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1/2 tsp of minced garlic
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp ground black pepper
  • 1 tsp. chili powder
  • 1/4 C. Worcestershire sauce


1. Cut your roast into thin slices
2. Mix together all ingredients into a large bowl 
3. Place your beef slices in the bowl and cover and let marinate OVERNIGHT in the fridge. 
4. Place slices on baking sheet and roast at 175 degrees for 3 hrs.
5. Turn meat and continue to bake for 1-2 more hours until the meat is dry and flexible. (if it breaks, it baked for to long)
6. Eat. Put remaining (if any, this disappeared fast at my house.) jerky in airtight container and in the fridge. 

Now.. can we go on a trip?

What is your must have treat while on a road trip?

Beef jerky? turkey jerky? teriyaki? peppered? whats your favorite?


  1. What a great idea! I'm not a jerky fan, but Josh LOVES the stuff. I'd like to make him an at home version that doesn't require a dehydrator! Brilliant!

  2. Mmmm, my husband and I are big jerky lovers too, especially on road trips. Our freezer is stocked full of deer and elk jerky, which is surprisingly quite yummy!

    1. I had made Elk jerky while I lived in Colorado Springs. YUMMY.

    2. We made elk jerky this winter in the oven...SO good!!

  3. Accidental country girl! Yes, deer and elk would work perfectly. My hubs is a big hunter so we have a freezer full to! perfect! Thats my next batch.

  4. Random question! I sweat a ton! if i run 1 mile to 5 miles i sweat the same! i swear some people at the gym think i am discusting! is there something wrong with me?!

    1. No, I absolutely drip! Its actually a good thing! That means your well hydrated!

    2. It could mean you have hypothyroidism. I have always been sweaty but became even more so after carpal tunnel surgery. i don't know the connection or if there even is one, but I have an under active thyroid now and all I have to do is stand up for a few minutes and I'm sweaty. Couldn't hurt to have it checked out. Have your doctor run blood tests for thyroid performance, TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and T3 and T4. If they come back normal and you continue to have the problem, find a nutritionist in the yellow pages and have her take a look at you. I have been having thyroid checks done for decades and they have always come back normal. It took a nutritionist as a last resort to find the problem. She has me taking some supplements and I have seen vast improvements.

  5. I miss elk jerky! It's the best, in my opinion!

  6. My son and hubby will love these!
    This has gotta be a lot more healthier too making your own beef jerky than the store brand. Thanks for posting this recipe!

  7. Looks awesome! Most store brands have nitrates and added MSG - this is definitely healthier!

  8. This is something that has been on my to do list. I am glad to find your recipe- it looks good!

  9. How long does it keep after it is made?

  10. So happy to find this recipe. I am definitely going to try it. I'm pregnant and have verb craving beef jerky like crazy but don't like to eat allot of the store bought stuff because its not good for my baby ... now I can eat done without feeling guilty

  11. This may be a dumb question, but when to when would you consider "overnight?" I go to bed late and I want to make sure I get it marinated good enough.

  12. we added liquid smoke....awesome

    1. How much did you add and can the liquid smoke replace the

      worchestersire sauce?

  13. Hi. This might be a dumb question, but I was wondering if you know anything about whether or not this could be shipped through the mail without spoiling? Store-bought beef jerky lasts without being refrigerated, but since you wrote that your recipe should stay refrigerated, would it ship well like jerky you buy at the store? I have a soldier on the other side of the country that loves jerky, and I'd like to send him some homemade. Thanks!

    1. if you seal it in the vaccum sealed bags you dont have to refrigerate it

    2. Ditto.
      My sister sent my son homemade venison jerky all the time in Afghanistan. He was her hero and she was his.

  14. Any idea how to get the sweet and hot flavour? That's my fav!

    1. Add some brown sugar.

    2. maybe use terriyaki sauce instead of Worcestershire?

  15. I use pineapple juice instead of the water for the sweet.

  16. What if you wanted to make teriyaki flavored?? Just addit to taste??

  17. Hey, just a quick question. Is the oven temperature in degrees F or C?

  18. Yours doesn't look as dried out as mine. And I cooked mine less. You have more of the reddish color and mine was more brownish black. Any suggestions. Yours looks much tasties. Thanks, Beth

  19. How go you keep the jerky from not turning so brown? Mine looked like over cooked beef. The flavor was great, just very very dark. The second time I made it I turned the oven to 170 (lowest our oven will go) and the same thing happened.

  20. How do you keep the jerky from turning so brown? Mine looked like over cooked meat. Taste was great appearance not so much.

  21. Okay so I have a freezer full of beef with many different kinds of cuts but I don't see one that says top round sirloin beef roast. I do have a sirloin roast, is that the same thing?

  22. I have a deer rump roast and I don't have Worcestershire sauce. Can I use the roast I got and BBQ sauce instead?

  23. Okay so I have a rump roast and I have no Worcestershire sauce. Can I use my roast and use BBQ sauce instead?

  24. http://www.fsis.usda.gov/FACTSheets/Jerky_and_Food_Safety/index.asp

    Not to put a damper on DIY'ers everywhere (I'm a total DIY'er), but anytime meat is involved you have to be extra careful... Follow these tips so you can be sure to enjoy homemade jerky and not get sick.

    Happy drying! :)

    1. Have you done this? Am I understanding correctly that I"m supposed to cook the meat before I dehydrate it? Just want to make sure we are safe... I've made tons of jerky and we've never gotten sick from it but don't want a first time! Thanks!

  25. So, is it possible to use this recipe but cook the meat to 160 degrees before roasting it in the oven at 175 degrees?

  26. My husband loved this recipe! We made it one Sunday night and he brought it to work throughout the week and had a healthy snack to munch on throughout the day!!! Awesome!!!

  27. You nailed it for me. Beef jerky is the number one snack on all of my road trips. That and a big cold soda to wash it down!

  28. Your recipe looks delish! And I need to start shopping the ingredients.

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