Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Round 2

Good Morning!!!---uh.. night now.. didn't have time to finish and publish the post this morning... But...I guess the cat is out of the bag, I was given the oppurtunity to do another workout wednesday news segment for my local news station! This was my second time doing it and I love it! If you missed the first time you can check it out here!  

The subject today was preparing healthy school lunches and after-school snacks for your children! 

During the segment I was able to review what to avoid when packing your children's lunch.-

A lot of people send a prepackaged lunch AKA lunchables, bags of chips, cookies, juice boxes etc. to school with their child each and every day without even realizing it has very little nutrition and is full of highly chemical processed foods! 
Preparing their meals in advance will ensure a fresh and healthy meal that will help them feel better and even perform better in school! 

What do you want to avoid in a sack lunch?

*Avoid ingredients such as HFCS, hidden syrups, and artificial sweetners. 

*Avoid high fat, saturated fat, trans fat and foods high in sodium--->( pre-packaged deli meat!)

* Fruit juice boxes and Soda: Some juices are misleading and are not 100% juice and are packed with sugar!! Stick with mini water bottles, or milk

*Check out the nutrtion label AND the ingredient list! That is where you will see these ingredients and you want to stay away from them!

What should we look for in a healthy lunch?

* Fresh fruit and veggies, nuts, seeds as well as lean meat and protein

* Think about fun ways to present them, sometimes its hard to feed your children fresh, healthy food, especially if their not use to it. Be sure to discuss the importance of eating healthy so their bodies can grow healthy and strong.

What if you don't have time to make a sandwich or cut fruit/veggies?

*Plan in advance! If you know tomorrow morning is going to be a crazy one, prepare it the night before.

* Cut extra fruit and veggies and keep them in the fridge for quick access. 

*There are healthy options such as freeze dried fruits or dried fruits and veggies that are pre-packaged that would be a healthier option then a bag of potato chips.

Here are some of the ideas I shared on the segment today! 

Fruit Skewers

  • 1 C. grapes

  • 1 C. strawberries cut in half

  • 1 C. peaches

  • 1 C. bananas

  • 1 C. Kiwi

(you may use any fruit)


1 Take skewer and poke the fruit and layer as desired! How much fruit can you fit on a stick?
2. Dip in greek yogurt!
mmmm.. .didn't take a finale pic? I get a blogger fail...You'll just have to watch the segment

Turkey Rolls

  • Whole wheat tortilla 

  • Fat free Cream cheese

  • American/provolone cheese

  • Tomato

  • Lettuce

  • Toothpicks if needed


1. Spread 2 tbs of fat free cream cheese on whole wheat tortilla
2. Layer Turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce

3. Roll up tortilla as tight as possible and slice (use toothpick to hold together if needed)

Oh.. Did you actually want to watch the segment.. HERE you go!

Q. What is your go to lunch when you are in a hurry?

Q. Do you pre-plan your lunch for the next day or go with the flow? 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Race Weight

Okay, Late night blogging will not become a regular thing.. it just seems like it the past couple days. Better late then never right? We had a early start today and have been go go ALL day!

This morning the twinners did their first photo shoot for J.J. Cole. They did such a good job! I'll post the pics asap.
When it comes down to any picture time with them, I totally build up a good sweat trying to get their attention and smile and laugh and look like they are perfect children all the time. Its tough stuff. How many rounds of peek a boo and tickle fest can you do for time?

They were pooped by the end! Baylee was literally trying to lay down on the dirty sidewalk she was more then ready for nap time!

We made it right on time for a workout at GPP. Tuesdays are strength days, we take our time to complete the work out. Each exercise was a heavy, challenging weight or skill --> ring dips anyone? 
We ran to the grocery store for a few ingredients I need for a surprise tomorrow... 
I came home to whip up a special thank you for my neighbor for just being amazing..(we really have the best neighbors ever, no contest) They only deserve the best.
Mama Peas PB dough balls were created, Lots of dough was consumed.... I'm in a cookie coma.. Always a good thing right before teaching a body pump class right?.. Because of the cookie overload, I decided it would be fun to add 5 air squats before and after each track.. The class did not stop moving and it ended up being a ROUGH workout, in a good way of course :) 
please note: (I made the air squats completely optional, you know for those who consumed an equal amount of cookie dough.)
Post-workout I had a chocolate recovery shake. These will never get old. Sorry.

Then I got a head start on a project for tomorrow! ;)--> stay posted! 
Now discussion for the night--

Race Weight

Lets chat about weight shall we? First off, I want you to know I'm not a fan of the scale,because your weight fluctuates every day, morning, & night. Muscle > Fat.. etc. I focus more on how my clothes fit and how I feel then a silly number.   A few days before this triathlon I weighed myself to see how my body would react after the triathlon. 
What do you think happened? 
You just ran a marathon, a triathlon or just a long training session. You just burned 3,000 plus calories. 
You are sure you sweat buckets which you assume would lead to at least a 3 pound weight loss.. right?! 


Maybe it's different for everyone but this is the second time I have done this with the same results. I GAIN 3+ pounds. And after researching it via internet it is totally a common and a normal trend post race.  

Here is why-

When you exhort so much energy your body uses its glycogen stores to get to that finish line. When your done your body wants to replace that glycogen ASAP, just in case you decide to ever go out and do that again. Therefore, retaining water like a madhouse. Because your muscles have tiny tears in the fiber and will retain fluid to repair themselves. .No worries though, your weight will return back to normal, or less! Sometimes it takes a couple days, sometimes it takes up to a week. 
Again, totally normal! 

Q. Have you ever noticed weight gain after a big race?

Monday, August 29, 2011

burnt to a crisp.

Sorry for such a late post! First off thank you so much for all the congrats about my triathlon.  I really couldn't achieve it without the inspiration and support I get from all of you!

Today has been a MONDAY! A good one nonetheless.--> 3 meals, 3 workouts, 2 snacks and no shower.
"mom, I have crazy hair, feed me more muffin!"

I woke up early to attempt to get some house work done but I ended up sharing a breakfast muffin with my cute baby girl.

This was a perfect muffin! I used this recipe but just had raspberries 
Lunch came quick today, I was hungry for lunch by 11 but held off with a few handfuls of almonds and a good workout at GPP. To see the WOD click here! It was a good one.. and if your up for a real challenge this one kicked my trash. Yes, I competed in a triathlon just two days ago and honestly, I can say that I wasn't even sore! I really think that my training at GPP is what helped prevent such agony. How is it that I can compete in a race for 3 hours and not be sore, but a 20 minute workout can make me sore for days sometimes?! 
It wasn't until about one when I got the babies down for a nap and was able to actually sit down and enjoy a meal. 
I found these turkey burgers on clearance at the grocery store and couldn't pass them up. 

They were pretty quick and easy to make.  I simply grilled it on a skillet. I would of preferred cooked on the actual grill,  but it was a million degrees outside today and I was not planning on standing over a hot grill. 

I topped it off with slices of a fresh garden tomato and onion with Brussels sprouts and fresh garden cucumbers sprinkled with a little sea salt and paprika.  There was also a small Bartlett pear for something sweet after. 
Iphone pics do this no justice.

There really is nothing better then fresh from the garden vegetables!!! I think I could eat the tomato like an apple and cucumbers like they are tortilla chips!! I'm so addicted to crisp veggies right now!

I taught body attack and came home to some grilled chicken that Brent had made.. but with the twinners its pretty easy to get side tracked and forget about the cooking chicken
" I like to keep mommy and daddy busy and think its funny when they burn food, cause playing is more important!"

 (If only you knew how many meals I actually burn) Chicken.. Burnt to a crisp..Its okay honey, happens to me more then it doesn't... hehe!

Still edible right? I'll make it work, I had some chicken along with a chocolaty chocolate post workout recovery shake.

In the mix:

  • 1.5 Cup unsweetened Almond Milk

  • 7-10 Ice cubes

  • 1 heaping scoop of Chocolate Protein

  • 1 tbs unsweetened Cocoa Powder

  • Pinch of xanthan & gaur gum--(just a thickening agent)

  • Handful of Spinach

It is now oober late (10:30pm, is late for this lady k!) and I'm off to bed! Early wake up call tomorrow for a fun run. Yes. Fun because it will only be 3 miles. See you all tomorrow after a photo shoot! ;)
Lets hope this tooth breaks through so we don't have to deal with this drama.
These alligator tears break my heart.. teething is no fun! 

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Q. Any teething remedies? 
I have tried baby orabase, motrin (I try to avoid it but its the only thing that helps), cold wash cloth and teething rings.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bear Lake Brawl

Wow. I can't believe this race came and was finished so fast. Training bricks, swimming, biking and running along with all of the 4am wake up calls. Came down to this weekend and now its over. I almost don't even know how to put this experience into words. All I can say is it was my first triathlon and it most definitely will not be my last.
my cute sister made this sign!

Bear Lake is absolutely beautiful, I have been to bear lake many times and the one thing I was worried about was the swim. Bear lake is known for its clear, blue and COLD water. Not being able to take a trip down to test the water prior to the race it made me a little anxious. With my wetsuit on I stepped into the water on race day expecting to be a bit chilly. But it was perfect! The water wasn't even cold!  I was so happy I had so many friends doing this with me and cheering me on. We were ready. Not to mention super hot in those wet suits.
love these girls!!

My bestie! I love this lady, she is a gem! And a complete rock star!

The Swim

 It was exciting to have everyone on the beach countdown our wave. With a 1 minute warning I was ready to go. At the front of the pack.. Would I choose to do that again? No. It was a full out BRAWL. I was getting kicked, smacked and pushed. It was a little crazy. I had a moment where I started to panic. I threw all my training techniques out the window and just went for it. This I think slowed me down, once I separated myself from the pack I was able to catch my breath and engage my thoughts back into everything I had practiced. I stuck my face back in the water and started counting.. 1..2...3.. breathe. This helped me a TON and I felt myself refocus and back in the game.

The course was to swim around buoys that were set out in the water, the Olympic distance had to go around twice!! By the time I got back I just thought.. seriously.. I have to go around again!? Back through weeds I started swimming. In my head.. "Just one more loop. You can do it." <--- little pep talks to myself help me!
During my open water training I struggled with swimming in a straight line.. When I start to get tired I start breathing just on my right side.. then I find myself about 200m left of the course.  I did do 3 open water training's prior to race day but I wish I would of done more. Swimming in the lake VS the pool is a BIG difference!

The Bike

Getting out of the lake was the best thing ever.. One event done! I started taking off my wet suit on the way to my bike. I quickly took a drink of some Vita CoCo and a bite of a larabar. Off I went. This was my first actual race with my bike. I felt pretty good on the bike but was being passed by several people. I realized I need a better bike. Although my road bike is new, those that were hauling past me had some amazing tri bikes-- Specialized, cannondales etc. I had purchased my bike online without getting sized, I think I may need a bigger size bike due to my height.  So to those who want to compete spend the moolah on a good bike. I am happy with my time on the bike because it was exactly what I estimated.

The RUN:

Once I parked my bike I took off on the run. This is what I love. I LOVE RUNNING! I had trained this brick multiple times and felt ready for it. I was a nerd and forgot to take my helmet off but figured it out pretty quick.. and off I went. I was able to hold a 8:30 average pace. Running without music (headphones not allowed on the course) was a little tough for me. So I decided to just watch the next person in front of me and  my goal was to just pass them. -->my competitive edge really comes out in running. This worked amazingly...It just keeps my brain entertained.... I saw my sister with T&B, and several of my friends along the running course. Which gives you an extra boost to! Even cheers from other runners are amazingly helpful. I love throwing out and hearing "good job" and a few "whoop whoops" to those going through the same feelings as me. The heat was starting to beat down on us and it was rough. I felt great though.. my body was tired but knowing that I had the majority of the race behind me and that I was almost done was exciting.

At the end my sister was there with my babies and I couldn't of been more happy to finally be done. I had an amazing support team! Having all my friends and other GPP members that were out there cheering each other on through the course and on the side was amazing. I am so grateful for them and all their hard work and perseverance throughout race season, it honestly is remarkable.

This was an amazing race and was glad that I was part of it! I was so happy that my sister came down with me and cheered me on the whole way. Her sister in-law came along for the ride to and they were amazing! T & B had a fun time hanging out with them while mommy raced. I gave them a few kisses on my run and it made my day. Brent had to stay home for work and to get some hunting time in. I missed having him there but  he called me about mile 4 and I had a little pep chat with him mid race. ;) love him!

Here are my final results
Total time 3:07:46
Swim: 38:07
T1: 4:18
Bike: 1:29:58
T2: 2:13
Run: 53:08

Friday, August 26, 2011

**Winner Winner**

 Good Morning!! I can't believe my triathlon is TOMORROW!! I totally have the race nerves going on.. and I still have 24 hours till go time! I woke up pretty early for a easy & quick 3 mile run and called it good! I'm planning on relaxing till I have to squeeze myself into that wetsuit.. (which I tried on last night and it took me a good 20 minutes to get on and off.) I Hope someone will be willing to help peel that bugger off me before the bike!
Welcome back EGG SCRAMBLE! Its been a little while since I have whipped one of these up!
4 Egg whites, with some roasted veggies from last nights dinner with a garden tomato and diced avocado!  some I enjoyed some raspberries on the side and of course I snacked on a few while my eggs were cooking... I also had my regular half of a banana with some almond butter pre-workout. 

get your hot eggs!
So good! Now its time to head off and do the work thang! But first how about I reveal the winner of the Vita CoCo giveway!

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Travis Sadi and Taiya said...

The pineapple flavor is my absolute Fav but I would love to try the tangerine!! Yum!!

Please email me your address pronto :)
Thanks to everyone who entered! More giveaways to come!!!

Q. Any fun plans this weekend?
Im going to "tri" not to drown, crash, or trip;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Zucchini Spritzer Mahi}

This is how I feel about my life this summer..

I feel like I should be able to stay on top of everything ALL the time. But in reality.. I'm actually about half way caught up with everything:)
Sometimes I stress out about the laundry not getting done, the kitchen being a mess, the babies made a little mess here, there and everywhere and I hop from one place to the other getting one chore half way done before I get side tracked with another.. On days I feel a little overwhelmed, there is always one thing that makes me feel better.. A good workout! Taking it out on the bar, kettlebell, or the pavement seems to make everything better. Today for my workout at GPP we were instructed do Tabatas! To see the workout go here! It was amazing and I felt much better after. If my workout just doesn't do it for me food always does. Tropical food. Like oranges and fish.

{Zucchini Spritz Mahi Mahi} 

Yields: 2 servings
Prep time: 25 minutes
Cook time: 35 minutes


  • 1 zucchini diced

  • 1 yellow squash diced

  • 1/2 C. diced yellow onion

  • 1 bushel broccoli

  • 2 tbs parsley chopped

  • 2 tbs Olive Oil

  • 1/2 orange

  • 2 4oz Mahi Mahi filet's (I got mine from the frozen section at costco!)


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
Chop your vegetables including parsley

Place on cookie sheet and cover with olive oil and sprinkle a little salt over them.

Place in oven and bake for 20 minutes stirring every 5-7 minutes then broil on HI for 5 additional minutes
Squeeze orange over Mahi Mahi before placing filet's on grill
Cook for about 5 minutes on grill for each side till Mahi is cooked thoroughly
Remove from grill
Top it off with your roasted vegetables and orange slice for garnish- your husband and/or guest will be impressed;)

Serve with your favorite side dish.. Like Zucchini fries.. --> Recipe coming soon!

And then your kitchen will be a mess again.. but you'll feel better cause you can have your husband clean it this time ;) While you enjoy your meal!

** Don't forget the Vita CoCo contest ends tonight at midnight! If you haven't entered yet GO for it!

Q. When you feel overwhelmed what makes you feel better?

Q. Whats your favorite fish?
Salmon is actually my fav, but mahi is a close second.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Apple Butter Granola

I have a confession. I slept in this morning--- on purpose. Last night I did an open water swim. I felt pretty great about it.. until I was informed it was only a little more then half the distance..Saturday will be interesting.. At least I didn't get gobbled up by one of these suckers.

Tiger Muskies attack!

I'm glad that I will have about 90 other people with me during the tri on Saturday!

Since the past two days have been a little crazy with tri training I took a break from it today. I actually slept until 8AM! The twinners didn't even stir until about 8:15 am! I can't even remember the last time I did that. I will admit it was nice to turn off that 4:30am alarm. Your body just needs a break sometimes! I woke up and whipped up a good breakfast.
OATS! Yes, I haven't had oats in F.O.R.E.V.E.R! I stirred up some steel cut oats with a half scoop of vanilla protein powder, spoonful of Almond Butter and a spoonful of APPLE BUTTER! I was out of agave and searched my fridge and discovered this little gem!

It made my cup of oatmeal SO tasty! I pretty much inhaled it! 

I did get a good workout in at GPP fitness. The workout consisted of 4 high knee sprints, 20 overhead press, 20 bicep curls and 20 tricep extesions. We were instructed to complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes! I was a sweaty mess after! I love workouts that are quick & yet, make you feel like your going to vomit by the end!

I came home still thinking about my oats, which sparked a new granola idea.

{Apple Butter Granola}

Yields: 4 1/2C servings
Prep time: 5 minutes
Bake time: 10 minutes


  • 2 C. Rolled Oats

  • 1/2 C. PB

  • 3 Tbs Apple Butter

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1 tbs cinnamon


1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2.Melt Peanut Butter and Apple Butter together in microwave for about 30 seconds

3.Put Oats in a medium bowl and pour the PB/AB mixture in and stir
4.Add vanilla extract and cinnamon
5.Stir till well blended

6. Spread onto a non-stick cookie sheet

7. Bake 7-10 minutes
8. Let cool.

Warning: This granola is highly addictive. It disappears as fast as it takes to bake. It is not safe around husbands or friends alike. You may want to stash it somewhere safe. Like your belly ;)

I rounded out the meal with a lettuceless salad..

In this Hugh Jass-->(a little mamapea humor) saladless mix I had green beans, brussel sprouts, 4 oz chicken, avocado and some peach-mango salsa! (which I could eat with a spoon), and fresh from my sisters garden cucumber! MMMMM.. I love them and may or may not of finished it off later by dipping it in the salsa like chips. :)

We spent the rest of the night at the pool with the family! And the twinners actually got in!! No tears were shed during this pool time. This is a big deal y'all. They have been petrified of pools in the past and today they even got in a floatie! I also still have all my hair and no red claw marks on my shoulders. Progress people, lets have a party. 

*** Don't forget to enter the VITA-CoCo GIVEAWAY!!! Contest ends Thursday at midnight! Winner announced FRIDAY morning! 

Have a good night! 

Q. Are you ready for football?! College or NFL? Whats your favorite team?

Q. What is your favorite oatmeal mix in?