Monday, April 30, 2012

My Whole 30 Experience

Here is my “Whole 30” review. I have probably started this post over 3 times.. one of them being a vlog in which I rambled on and on for 30 minutes about my experience and figured nobody would sit and listen for that long. So your going to get a shortened condensed version of it.
First- Please know that my intention for this diet was not to lose weight. It was simply to experience the “paleo lifestyle” with some friends to experiment and see how and if we could tell a difference in our everyday life. Through our performance, strength, endurance etc.
This was my second time following a paleo health style. However, whole 30 is a tad more restricting then other paleo diets by eliminating honey, agave nectar and maple syrup.
It sticks to similar guidelines of the paleo lifestyle. Which are..
Here is what I like about it.
The idea of paleo is to eat natural, whole, fresh, real food. This is actually what I LOVE about this diet. It provides knowledge for people to discover actual real food, it makes you learn more about what is inside all the processed, “go-to” foods that line our grocery stores. I truly believe that this diet is good to teach you how to eat. But I think that is how every diet is. There is not a diet in the thousands that recommends high sugar, processed food. There is no measuring, or calorie counting on this diet so I didn’t have to worry about keeping track of each portion size etc. Although, I did keep them in check, but did not measure or weigh anything.
It removes all the processed junk from your diet. Which can be difficult at first if you are new to this whole “eating clean” thing.
Eating paleo forces you to be a bit more creative in the kitchen with spices and herbs. I now love, using basil and chives when I cook.  I actually chilly kept it pretty simple due to my busy lifestyle and had most food prepared ahead of time, which was actually convenient and easy to grab a meal from the fridge and go. I had grilled chicken/fish, boiled eggs, steamed veggies, baked sweet potatoes, and fresh fruit in the fridge at all times. I knew if I was going to be successful with whole 30 I had to be prepared.
As a group we decided a protein shake post workout would be accepted. I used a egg white protein and drank it once a day.
My typical day went as follows:
Breakfast: 4 egg whites with veggies. Typically, red pepper, onion, and spinach.
Mid-morning: protein shake w/half banana and almond butter
Lunch: Chicken, Sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts/green beans
Mid-Afternoon: Apple with Almond Butter or a muffin (omit protein powder)
Dinner: Fish/Chicken, spinach salad, green beans and  a few strawberries for dessert.
I also continued to take a multi-vitamin everyday, 3 fish oil capsules, a calcium supplement, glucosamine, and glutamine every day.
I found myself checking every single label on everything! Come to discover that my almond milk I was using (Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla) contained carrageen! Which is a “What to avoid” list of Whole 30. Dang. I went back to the grocery store and discovered another Almond milk that didn’t- Silk unsweetened original Almond milk.  Processed yes, did I deem it whole 30 worthy. Yes.
What I don’t like about it:
I don’t think there is a diet out there that is for everyone. I don’t believe that following paleo compared to other diets will in turn make you a faster, stronger healthier human being. I believe that we has humans have adapted to our modern day diet that includes grains, dairy and legumes. I think that there is something to say for them and their importance in our diet.
When I did paleo for the first time about a year ago. The first few weeks were a rough go. It was hard to let go of my GF oats every morning and my love for Greek yogurt. After awhile, it just became my lifestyle. I looked great and I was getting faster and felt strong. When I decided that overall this diet just wasn’t meant to be long-term, I went back to grains, and dairy. I was SICK. I was constantly bloated, had major digestive issues and sometimes all I could do was lay in the fetal position until I fell asleep. I knew it was probably because I had added all of it back to quickly, and my stomach wasn’t quite ready for that brownie and ice cream…
Throughout the past year I have gone back to the paleo lifestyle and following it probably 95% of the time. I do think the probiotic found in yogurt is good for the digestive system. I do think grains such as GF oats and Brown rice are good carbohydrates to help get me through a long training day. I also believe desserts are important and are meant to be enjoyed.
Paleo is not ideal in everyday life. You are not going to prepare every. single. meal. yourself. We are in a world in which almost every celebration (pretty sure every celebration) revolves around food. Back in the Paleolithic times they celebrated by singing and dancing around fires, did they even have holidays? I’m guessing not. There will be those times in which you may not have many options to go along with the diet.
People think its kind of crazy…

I feel that this diet is boring.
There is nothing exciting about it. I probably could of made it more exciting by creating other paleo recipes that I have found, but like most moms, or students, or full-time workers.. I just didn’t have the time to make them and actually preferred it to be pre-cooked and ready in my fridge. (Which I still do.) But its about always going back to the basics. Seasoned grill chicken with veggies and a sweet potato.
Any diet, is similar, in the fact they are boring. You eat the same thing day out and day in. You know what.. that is what works though. Unlike paleo, most diets are short term and can lead to yo-yo dieting where as paleo is meant to be a lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with it but overall it can be hard to stick to for. ev. er.
My husband and kids didn’t follow paleo. I would make the same dinner but add a tortilla so they could have chicken wraps/fish taco or a bun for a turkey burger. T & B love chobani yogurts and probably eat one every day.
This diet may work for some people, however I do not believe there is a diet for everyone. You need to try different things in order to discover what is effective, efficient and manageable towards your needs.
Did I feel a difference in my performance and energy levels?
Not really, I have always been a healthy eater and there really was no difference.
Do I recommend this diet to everyone?
Probably not.
I know that if you do this diet, if you cut out ALL grains, ALL dairy, ALL legumes for a long, extended period of time. There is no going back. I also think it can lead to some nutrient deficiencies as well.
That sounds a bit scary, but its true. I have a sensitivity to grains, and dairy but, does that mean I have completely taken them out of my diet.
I love my chobani, my oats and my dessert! I have found a happy balance between it all by allowing it all in moderation. I still am fighting a constant bloat some days since I just got off the paleo train and expect it to hang around until it adjusts again. I keep a healthy, clean eating lifestyle which is not 100% paleo and that’s what works best for me.
If you eat healthy and feel great and are happy with you. Don’t change it.
“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”
If you are wanting to change your eating patterns/diets, or shape. Try it.
If you are obese and uncomfortable and don’t’ know where to start. I would start somewhere else. This diet is tough at first and I think going from a poor diet of high fat, salt and processed foods. This will rock your stomach. I’m a huge advocate of eating whole natural foods. Start by removing white breads, processed junk and sugar from your diet and find a good exercise program and stick to it.
I could probably ramble about it for awhile, so I'm going to leave it at this.
Good for some. Not for everyone.
I’m happy to answer any questions, although I want to remind you that this was just my experience with it and my opinion only. Please do not take it as medical advice. I’m no M.D.
Q. Have you tried eating Paleo? What was your experience?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Flourless PB & Oat Cookies

This happened today..


Which you know means that this started it all…


I taught Body Attack this morning! This was NOT an easy wake-up call. It is LAUNCH week at one of the gyms I am part of, and it has just been CRAZY. I love teaching, I crave it. But man, I am one tired chica at the end of launches.

We launched Body Attack 76 on Wednesday with the whole attack team, but today there was only two of us so I stayed up late after the babies went to sleep, cramming choreography into my brain. I dropped into bed about midnight and T woke up at 2am (dang, pre-molars) in turn, woke B up, which of course woke Tikka up. Then all of a sudden it was puppy playtime. kdjfoij!  I let the babies kiss Tikka “night, night” and put everyone back in bed. Then T decided he reeeeealllly wasn’t tired, precisely 4 minutes before my alarm went off.


I gave him his water bottle back, found his blanket and he went back to sleep easy. Silly boy.

I quickly packed my stuff and got dressed and was out the door to the gym. I never regret waking up to workout, and I always feel great afterwards but man, mix that with a late night, unhappy, not sleepy babies and it wasn’t easy!

I am really LOVING Body Attack 76. the music and the choreography is amazing.  I was a one giant sweat puddle after!

I headed over to GPP and did this workout -minus the mile run. It is one of my favorites! Although, my PR is 85 pds. for this workout and today I scaled down to make my body happy. I started at 65, went to 55 for two rounds and then70 and maxed on the last round at 75.  Those thrusters sting a little still, after this workout! Phew! I even got to see Janetha and Kerryne for a little this morning also! I am loving that they caught the GPP bug.

On my way home I couldn’t help but notice a bit of chill in the air…


SNOW?!!! It was 88 degrees on Wednesday. High of 50 today.. Oh well. Hopefully, it warms up again soon!

Now, that I have completed the Whole 30 challenge, (recap still in the works.) I have welcomed back Peanut Butter! Oh, how I missed that legume! There are several things that I didn’t realize I would miss as much as I did because I would use them so often, like… GF oats, honey (which is allowed in paleo just not the 30 day challenge), Hummus and another thing I used often was.. Agave!!

It was time to BAKE!

Flourless PB & Oat Cookies




  • 2 C. Old fashioned rolled oats ( I used Bob’s Mill GF)
  • 1/4 C. Peanut Butter
  • 1/4 C. Agave Nectar
  • 2 Tbs. Earth Balance Butter
  • 1 Tbs. Ground Flax seed
  • 1 Tsp. Cinnamon
  • !/2 Tsp. Baking Powder


  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Mix all ingredients together until well combined
  3. Drop 12 spoonful's spaced equally apart on cookie sheet
  4. Bake for 15-17 minutes

Let cool and enjoy!


My grandparents are staying with us this weekend for a family wedding taking place tomorrow! Fun happenings to come!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

So-Cal Ragnar Review Questions

Hey guys! Sorry, Its been a busy week, Its launch week at one of the gyms I work at and I’m still trying to catch up on some house duties that need to get caught up on since I got home. I have a Whole 30 recap comin atcha and a fun giveaway! Stay tuned!
After my So-Cal Review post I had a few follow-up questions, so here is a little Q&A to wrap it up.
1. Where did you sleep?
During Ragnar you do have a bit of down time where you try to sleep… but people fart and smell and yell loudly for directions but when and if you can you sleep where ever you can while the other van is completing its legs. Luckily, one of the girls in our van had a condo available for us in Oceanside where we were able to shower and take a nappy before heading out for our 2nd legs. It was comfy and I couldn’t get enough of this view!
We were only there for about 3 hrs before we had to head to the next exchange. Once we finished leg two it was about 3 am, so we headed to the next major exchange (where our leg 3 would start) to get some shut eye. When we got there.. this is what it was..
Looks comfy huh?
Seriously.. they think just because we already smell and are dirty we can just rest our head in the dirt. #fail. We all cooped up in the van very strategically, shorties squeezed somewhere and tall chicas squeezed even smaller.  I ended up in the passenger seat. SNORE. Part of the craziness of Ragnar is the “no sleep” and run thing and try not to kill anyone by the end. Embrace it.
2. Did you have to train for Ragnar?
Not specifically. I know people who do though. I think if you are running/working out you don’t need to create some crazy training plan that makes you run at all times at night and then in the morning. Just make sure you can do the distance your legs require.
3. Where did you get your glasses?
Good thing I got some sun on those thunder thighs Winking smile
Good ole’ target. I think they were $15.99?
4. After doing this Ragnar and others how do you compare them all?
I have done quite a few relays, but only two “Ragnars” So Cal Vs. Wasatch Back.
Wasatch Back wins. I like running in the mountains, middle of nowhereville and overall seems to be more scenic and organized with marking the trails and leading directions. You don’t have to worry about getting nabbed or venturing through many neighborhoods. Sleeping is easier in Wasatch back. There is actual grass to lay on.
However, So Cal we hardly hit any major “van traffic” where as in Wasatch back most major exchanges are PACKED and there were occasions where our runner would have to get out and run up to the exchange to meet the other runner because the van wouldn’t make it in time… (cough cough, Ragnar hill). I think this happens because there are just to many teams. But its all in good “fun” right?
5. Are you going to Double Medal?
A double medal is when you complete two Ragnar's within a year. Yes, I will have had completed 2 Ragnar's, but the thing with the double series medals is that they are only select races. Check them out here. I do not plan on any other Ragnar's this year besides Wasatch but if a Vegas opportunity arises I may bite.
6. Do you prefer to run in shorts or capris?
I like shorts, but my thighs like capris. Chaffing is a “B”. Body Glide is my friend but longer the distance.. its pretty much inevitable.
7. What did you bring with you in the van?
Because it was a “out of town” race for me, I had my suitcase but was able to keep it light. Here are the important things that I think take priority.
  • Cash (you split gas, food, etc. etc. with your teammates)
  • 3 changes of clothes.Tops, Shorts, Socks. (I have always brought 3 but end up just wearing two. Judge away. Sleep usually trumps cleanliness in my book.) You want me in your van now. Huh?! I only use 1 pair of shoes, 2 jackets, sweat pants, and some flip flops.
  • Food you will eat and that you are willing to share. If your not willing to share your teammates might curse you. It’s a free for all. Gus, Protein powder/pre-mixed protein shakes/chocolate milk, nuts, fruit etc. Are all great. A lot of people like bars but if your not use to eating them all the time, I find they can cause a bit of a digestive issue. Hang out by the honey buckets for 2 minutes and you will know what I mean.
  • Sleeping bag. No pillow, the van can get cramped if there are 6 pillows floating around.
  • IBU, Icy Hot, Foam Roller
  • Baby wipes, face wipes, toothbrush, and febreeze---> trust me..
8. Did you know all the girls in the van prior to the race?
Nope, there were two girls I met for the first time. You can find a team to be on through the Ragnar website. Meeting strangers is fun. I mean, its not like we have been taught our whole life to stay out of vans with strangers right? They probably will even have candy to.
This one had a few cousins running in the other van but I loved everyone the same.
9. Are you planning on Wasatch Back?
Yes. Wasatch Back is one of my favorites and Ill be with the same team as last year but were splitting into a guy/girl van. Girls rule. Alas, this year we shall be known as team “3 legs = loose stool.” Refer back to #7
10. What relays are you doing this year and which one is your favorite?
So-cal, Red Rock (Moab), Wasatch Back, Epic, Top of Zion, and Red Rock (Zion). (Vegas?) I might be relayed out by that time. We shall see.
My Favorite? So far, Wasatch Back tops the list, it was my first relay and this will be my 5th year doing it.

I really enjoy relays, I have such a good time doing them. I think everyone needs to experience one. Every level is invited. Its not really competitive race.. (I actually think competing a relay is lame.) They are the kind of race that is meant to be enjoyed and just plain fun. You all get the same shirt, medal, tattoo, sticker and share the same honey bucket at the end.. no matter when you finish. 
If you haven’t experienced such joy. I recommend you get on that.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So-Cal Ragnar

12 people, 2 vans, 203 miles.


This was my first out-of state Ragnar. I was excited for the experience and a little nervous to start because of my hip that I have been giving love to for the past two weeks in order to be ready to do this ragnar.

I was running with just a few girls that I knew before hand and a few I was just meeting for the first time and the other van was full of my cousins, It wasn’t a competive team at all, there were a few other girls with injuries and two of girls in my van had just had babies 3 months prior. So I wasn’t to stressed about it. I was just excited to get out there and RUN.

Leg 1- 4.9

My first leg was 4.9 moderate.

It was HOT outside, I wasn’t to concerned about the heat, knowing I had van support the entire leg. I was nervous because my hip was bugging while I was just walking… eesh. I said a quick mini prayer, popped some IBU. Good to go?

While I was waiting in the corral for my runner to come in,  reader whitney spotted me! (Hi WHIT!) and Thank you!

Here is a team pic before van 1 and 2 started. Feeling clean and fresh. (well.. van 2)



Yes, I am tall…

I was one sweaty mess after that 4.9 but running at sea level is amazing. I felt great the whole run, the heat was just starting to get to me by the end. I however HATED that it was next to the highway and I had to run through about 15 intersections… I hate having to stop and wait 2-3 minutes at the lights.

My g-ma hip held up surprisingly well without any pain during or after the run. It was a miracle. really..  I was able to jump out and help one of my team mates run her last mile till the exchange.

LEG 2. 3.8



Was at 2AM, (3AM my time). It was dark and had cooled off and was perfect weather. JUST dark! This was the run I was actually looking forward to. I love the night runs, but it was in the ghetto of cali, seriously. I ran past a bar and had a couple of drunkerds chase me down the side walk. (Yes, that was the scariest moment of my life, and yes, I did report it to race officials.) During the race, I usually had a few other runners around me, during this leg I did not see ONE person. Weird. Maybe cause most of the runners are from Cali know that it was a sketchy area and probably skipped it all together. mm. not cool. Oh well.

Here are a few pics from the night runs.



number 2 on leg 2. TMI? I was a happy runner.


Here goes leg two!


LEG 3. 11.1 ….12.7


It was hot. I gained 394 feet in less then half a mile, then lost it. Lots of lights,hills, pier running, weaving in and out of tourists and jumping over dog leashes. Took a wrong turn.. (not marked correctly). I figured I was going the wrong way when I ran into a few other runners who made the same mistake. Darn. I had no van support first 8 miles, maybe because my van got lost.. But I was okay, other vans were very supportive and gave me a sip of gatorade/water.  When I first saw my ladies I was SOOO happy, I was thristy and sunburned, I napped a water from them and they sprayed me with sunscreen as I ran past. I took a two shot blocks at mile 5, and another two at mile 9. But this was my view for a part of it..

Beautiful. Breathtaking…. perfect.

12.7 in 1:27 I’ll take it.

Happy to be finished I took off my shoes and cheered on our other runners till the end!

When you get to the end of Ragnar, your whole team comes with you and runs through the finish together!

I totaled 23.6 miles. We had a great team and I’m proud of all my teammates. We were all able to help each other out when needed (running subs took place due to injuries).

Its rare to get a van full of 6 completely different girls for 24+ hours and live to tell the tale. Drama from fatigue expected, but I think I love them all now then before. Especially the drama you can laugh about later..

Overall, it was a good race. I probably will not do it again because of how expensive it was.. registration, flights, van rental, hotels, gas, food etc. Kinda puts a dent into things.

It also wasn’t marked as well as I would of hoped. That extra mile I fit in on my last leg unexpected and I didn’t enjoy it…I heard there was a few legs that seemed to take “detours” due to unmarked streets and there seemed to be a lot of back tracking on some legs.

The check in line for Van 2 was LONG and we didn’t plan for it. So if you do a Ragnar be early to check in all your runners, sign safety releases and stand through a safety/rule speech… ALL required before your first runner takes off in your van.

Sponsors, race officials/volunteers were great and overall it was a good race, and running at California elevation was wonderful!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hill Time

Yay!! I am HOME!! It feels SO good to be home to Brent and my babies! I’m taking the night off to spend some extra, much needed time with them tonight. But I won’t leave you hanging, Here is a hill workout I have done and saved for a “rainy day”… ENJOY!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full race re-cap tomorrow! Also, I completed whole 30 so I’ll post my opinion on that also!

Have a great NIGHT!



When I am training for any race, there are certain training runs that I absolutely LOVE.

In this order.

  • Speed
  • Tempo
  • Distance
  • HILLS!

I despise hills.. They require hardcore music blasting in my ears to make it to the top.

One of the popular running trails in my city, that I run often is quite hilly. I know exactly every mile marker where a nice steep hill will be and often try to avoid them… at all cost. (Especially, when planning out distance runs!)

Hills however are important to train for. Some races tend to have some sort of incline at some point. (Hello, heart break hill!) They can be challenging but not impossible.

If you have trained correctly. I recommend training hills outside, but on those rainy days you don’t want to have to face the rain with a river coming down it. Right?

Here is a 30 minute Hilly workout!

Get to it!

Q. What is your favorite type of training run?

Q. Least favorite?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

You know that moment when…

You drop your phone face down.. on the asphalt?
Yes, that moment.
I stood there knowing exactly what had happened. Great crud nuggets.
My phone was completely shattered! I could barely read anything! I was so mad and or sad.
Brent is constantly telling me to make sure I keep my case on it.. and he honestly told me probably 3 times the night before to find my case.. So you can guess how excited I was to tell him about my #fail.  I really just need a water proof, drop proof, booger proof, twin proof, Candice proof case.. where do you suppose I can pick up one of those?
This is the second time I have shattered my screen and I can’t even blame it on the babies.. because it was my fault BOTH times!!
Shards of glass were like little slivers in my thumb and cheek, I can’t go on with it like this.. (What did we ever do without smart phones?). I posted my epic drop on facebook and one of my friends referred me to Joey!
Check out his website
Within 5 minutes I had an appointment to get my screen fixed!!
He even gave me color options for my screen! White, black, orange, purple, pink, or the normal black.
I went with the purple!
It only took him 30 minutes to get it done!! I just dropped it off and took the babies for a little drive while it was being repaired.
Need some puppy love?
Check out the before and after! I love it! No more glass slivers and completely fashionable!
AMAZING! No complaints, quick fix, high quality and friendly to boot.
I’m a huge fan!
He even can do the back with a different or the same color!
Here is how it works!
So next time you experience a shattered screen, GO to Joey! Quick, affordable, friendly!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flashback Post: Healthy Granola Bars


Now that I am off and running in Cali, I thought I would dig a recipe out of the archives!

By posting multiple times a week, some favorites get hidden in the deep abyss. Why not share them again?

Bringing back the good stuff!!

Homemade HEALTHY Granola Bars!!

Healthy Granola Bars

Hey guys, here is the recipe for the Healthy Granola Bars from my News Debut yesterday! These bars are so versatile, you can follow my recipe and even add or change whatever you would like!

Healthy Granola Bars

  • 1 & 3/4C. Old fashioned Oatmeal
  • 1/4 C. Raw pumpkin seeds
  • 1/4 C. raw sunflower seeds
  • 1/4 C. chia seeds
  • 1/4 C. usweeteed coconut
  • 1/8 C. ground flaxseed
  • *for extra protein add about 3 scoops of vanilla protein powder

  • 1/2 C. Agave nectar/brown rice syrup
  • 1/3 C. All Natural PB
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

1) Add all the dry ingredients to a large bowl. Mix them together.

2) In a separate (microwave safe) bowl, mix together the wet ingredients, then microwave them for about 20 to 30 seconds. This will make it easier to mix and add to the dry ingredients.

3) Pour wet ingredients into dry and mix, Keep mixing until the wet  ingredients are as well distributed as possible.
4) Put the mixture into a 8x12 glass pan and flatten it down, pressing firmly. 

5) Store in the fridge for about 20 minutes before cutting them into bars. I keep them in there until I want one also.

Yields: About 12 bars
These really are delicious! and they take only 5 minutes to whip up! and you only really dirty like 1 bowl, 1 cup, and a pan. at the most, which is a plus in my book! I hate doing dishes ;)



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Packed and Ready!!

I guess the title should read. Not Packed.. Semi Ready…
I leave for So-Cal in the morning and I have quite a bit to get done before I take off.
This morning I headed to GPP to workout with Janetha and Kerryne!
Stole pic from Janetha. Yes, it was 6:30 AM. Bedhead, no makeup… Score. Hot beans, at least J and K look hot. 
They did this workout! It was Janetha’s first time! Check out her experience over at
Kerryne also wrote this post about one of her workouts at GPP!
I taught Body Pump and Body Attack tonight. Taper much? 
I’m off to run So-Cal Ragnar!
This is the first relay of the season! Relays are one of my favorite races! They are just plain fun. If you haven’t seen THIS YouTube video yet.. Check it.

I shopped a bit for a few necessities and will pick up some more snacks and food for the race when we get there.
I’m trying not to check a bag.. so travel size everything.. Wish me luck!
  • Toothpaste
  • Make-up remover wipes
  • Eye Makeup remover,
  • CLIF shot blocks
  • Nuun sunblock
  • Chapstick
  • New  Adidas running hat.
  • Lara bar (Blueberry muffin) I actually bought two but ate one on the way home.. oops.
Injury wise I am still working with my hip, I ran a 5k and feels… better. Not a 100% yet. The pain is out of my foot, IT and front part of my hip.. Just working on the dull ache on the outside and back side of the hip.
I’m going to take it by the mile. I really believe the rest I took helped. I also realized how much I depend on my workout to help me get through my day…
I also got another massage yesterday and Stacy really worked on my legs and hip. I feel SOOO much better. It’s a slow process but I can tell that my injury has improved by  a milestone from where it was 2 weeks ago!
Stacy specializes in injury recovery, sports therapy and deep tissue massage! Local Readers, GO!!!  She is amazing athlete and individual. Contact info is posted here.
**I am very skeptical what I advertise on my blog and wouldn’t recommend something if I truly didn’t believe and trust in the person or the product.

Q. Have you run a Relay Race?
Q. What would you bring to survive 48 hours in a van.. with 6 girls?