Monday, September 23, 2013

Marathon Week!

I have the Huntsville Marathon this Saturday!

I am excited about this marathon. I feel ready! Maaaaybe a little injured. (Plantar Fasciitis)

but overall, I trust my training.

Honestly, I didn’t do a 20 mile run. I had one on the schedule but did Big Cottonwood Canyon Half Marathon that weekend instead.. I also split the majority of my long runs into two runs each day just because of that crazy thing we call life.

But then again, I have never done a 20+ mile run in training before..

I’m ready to run though.

It will be beautiful. Downhill. & I’ll probably lose a toenail.


Totally worth it.

SIDENOTE: This race isn’t full yet so if you need a race soon.. REGISTER!

There is a Full—> Party with me…. Half Marathon, 10 k and 5k!! 

My friend Kenzie found these awesome race pace bands! This is a Utah based company, they create the pace bands coordinated to the race course you are doing!


Click on pace bands and from there, select your race and your goal time!

I love this and can’t wait to try it.  No matter the distance of every run I think of it as two runs. For example, if I have a 5 mile run. I tell myself I have two 2.5 mile runs.

When I do a Marathon, I take it ONE mile at a time. If I have a goal pace for each mile it will help to focus on that mile and not the 9,382 more there is left.

Works for me.

I’m hoping for a perfect day.

Today I had a two mile run at 70%. I over shot a little bit.. 2.37 but whateve.

PS. Taper is awesome.

After my run, I ran errands- forgot about teaching a boot camp class.. seriously, completely spaced it! I’m losing it y’all…. Picked up the twinners from pre-school and headed home for lunch.

It was kind of an emotional weekend due to a family accident and I just don’t know where

I haven’t been posting recipes lately..

I have figured out my nutrition and its simple.


But it works for me. I have been craving something yummy soon, so I’'ll be coming up with something snazzy for ya!

Sometimes (more like always) for lunch I make my whole meal in the same pan.

Hate dishes? This works just fine!

Mahi Mahi plus yellow squash and asparagus!

Hot and steamy = awesome pictures.

Loving all the squashes coming out the garden lately! (NOT my garden. It would for sure die.. but my friends are awesome.)

And just because I love this little golf man.

Ladies, here is some eye candy.

Do you run with a pace band?

Marathoners how many 20 + runs do you do?

What is your favorite meal?