Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Highlights

Hey y’all! Hope you are all popping in after an nice and relaxing weekend!

We had a great, low key kind of weekend for us with a lot of fun!

Friday night I worked and we came home and just relaxed and hung out. Tanner still wasn’t 100% so we stayed home and relaxed.

Saturday was packed full of activities. I taught pump that morning and got a few sprint intervals in. I was so sore from this GPP workout so those runs felt good to shake out my legs a bit.

Brent and I have been wanting to go to American Fork Canyon. We love to find new hikes and places we haven’t visited yet, so we packed up a quick lunch and headed to the mountains. We ended up at this beautiful Tibblefork Resevoir.

There were people canoeing, swimming, and paddle boarding! I was a little jealous we didn’t come more prepared, so we just kicked our feet in the water for a bit before exploring the canyon a little more.


We had fun with just us. There is so much to do up in that canyon that we didn’t have time for, and are planning a trip up there again soon to visit and explore some more!

There is a spring up there that you can see all different kinds of fish that is supposedly really fun to visit and another lake, along with lots of trails for hiking, horseback riding and four wheeling!

We hurried home to shower and get ready for my cousins wedding! I am so happy for my cousin and his new wife. They are a power couple and their wedding was nothing short of amazing!

Every detail was exquisite! My cousin is a pretty well known interior decorator in Utah so I knew it would be absolute perfection!

There was a photo booth, dance floor, snow cones, hot dogs, waffles, diet coke bar, tacos and ice cream! It was probably one of the best receptions I had been to in a long time.

They are both amazing singers so they had the band take a break and they sung few songs together which was so sweet.


These pictures don’t capture every detail but at least it’s a peak preview!


I mean could you believe this cake!! It tasted amazing too!



From my Instagram!

Congrats Cuz!

Sunday came quick and had an early morning wake up call for church, we all relaxed and napped all afternoon. Baylee and I woke up and headed outside for a quick walk before the storm rolled in. It was nice to spend a little time with just her and I for a little bit.

After the walk we spent a little time doing some flash cards and eating ice cream. She cracks me up. Teaching this girl to sound out letters can be quite interesting.

We even headed to Lowes and picked out a back splash so we can finally put the finishing touches on our kitchen! I can’t wait!

This morning Bee actually woke up with the fever that Tanner had…so I had to get a sub for my boot camp class. {Sorry guys!} Tanners fever lasted about 24 hours, so here is hoping she is back to her crazy self soon.

I did coach early this morning at GPP which was a great workout to get this week started! I was able to do part of the workout before heading home before Brent had to go to work.

Tonight at the other gym I work at we are launching Body Attack 85!! I am excited to launch and this might be my last one for a while! This 30 week belly isn’t loving all the jumping lately but luckily the modified version is just as fun!

What was a highlight from your weekend?

What is your favorite detail about weddings?