Saturday, April 6, 2013

4 Man Pac-Man

We made it into Boise Last night around 7PM. I was nervous about the 6 hour drive by myself with the twins, but they rocked it!! I had wrapped up a few new toys/snacks that I gave them when they started to be a little restless and it kept them entertained the whole way! They even napped!! {MIRACLE}


We made up a quick dinner of left over pizza, protein shakes and left over Easter candy Winking smile


The kids discovered their new favorite toy…


They chased the jeeps around all night!

We even had a little time before the sun went down to go for a little walk with grams!


This morning I thought about doing a workout DVDVHS I found in my grams stash.


You can never go wrong with Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons.

I didn’t pack my leotard or high tops so I opted to cheer a cuz on in little league soccer. Little leauge rocks! He made like 8 goals!


It was raining a little throughout the game and decided to bag the park idea we had planned and headed to the nearest bowling alley!


It was a colored skinny kinda day.Winking smile.

Al’s bowling is fairly new and it was awesome! The kids bowled a game while we controlled itWinking smile

There was arcade up on the second level of the bowling alley so we headed up to try out a few!


Checkout this pac-man game! It was pretty cool! Maybe I’m just a HUGE pac-man nerd but I was impressed that my favorite childhood nintendo game was bigger then my front door.


I’m determined to pass all levels with 3 of my BF’s.

It’s been a great trip so far with my grams and gramps!

Time for some lunch!

Hope your having a great w-end!

what is your favorite “classic” nintendo game?

I also love old school donkey kong!