Monday, April 8, 2013

It’s a cold kinda day.


I’m home! We had such a great time with my grandparents! My kiddos can’t stop talking about nana and papa!


Tanner really wasn’t in the picture taking mood..Winking smile

It was a LOOOOONG ride home. Lets just say it wasn’t has peaceful as the ride there. But we made it NON-stop so that was awesome! Bad news is I have trail mix everywhere in my back seat…

It was back to the grind today! I was pleased to see everyone back at the gym full force today!

I coached this workout this morning at GPP


and came home to get the laundry going and nap time for the kiddos.


For lunch I made a big spinach salad with a can of tuna, peppers and asparagus! It felt good to get some veggies in my system after a indulgent weekend.

It was good, although I wish I would have had soup along with it because it rained ALL day today and I just couldn’t get warm. Tomorrow!

I snacked on some almond butter and banana before teaching Body Attack! It was a fun class tonight!!

Got some grocery shopping done quick and went home and made a berry shake!

Yep, I’m still cold.

Genius on my part, obviously.

AND I even picked up some more Arctic Zero at the store.



Looks like I’m not going to get warm anytime soon! Winking smile

Hopefully the rain will clear up tomorrow!

Hope you had a great Monday!