Thursday, September 18, 2014

Going Back In Time

I am pretty excited about fall coming! Even though Utah weather decided to take a turn back to summer this last week, I pulled out a few fall decorations anyway.


I can’t believe how warm it is lately. I feel like it is July all over again! I am a total summer girl at heart but something about being pregnant makes me really crave the fall! Must be that whole 3 weeks away from delivery talkin’ Winking smile



Yesterday, I did the GPP workout that consisted of lunge switches, squat to box jumps -> which I modified to box switches, Power cleans and running! I lowered the weight recommended to #45 for the cleans but was able to run all the runs! I was dripping after, which always feels good. Lately all my workouts haven’t been as intense and sweaty so it felt good to do a workout that made me look like a complete hot mess afterwards!

Yesterday, I also got a bit of pampering in by getting my hair done one last time before this baby comes!

I added a bit more blonde throughout! I have had an ombre for the last year or so so its refreshing to bring it back up to the top a bit.

Tanner had gymnastics yesterday and Bee and I ran some errands while he was in class.

Going Back In Time

As I was browsing the internet yesterday I stumbled upon a Buzz feed Article called 25 ways to tell you’re a kid of the 90’s. I laughed a bit through the article. I can totally relate to the majority of them but especially,   #1, 11, 12, and 14!

I would also add Chinese jump ropes, pogs and Scented Markers!

Source, source

I don’t think I had one recess in elementary that didn’t consist of one of those! We got pretty serious about our pogs too!!

I bet I can still whip out a pretty mean game of chinese jump rope too! “In, out, on, off, diamond…”

mr sketch geeks and cleats


I probably did 84.232% of my homework I these markers!! The black licorice was my favorite!!

Question of the day:

What do you remember playing with when you were a kid?

Anyone actually have fall weather?