Monday, September 15, 2014

Protein Pumpkin Oatmeal

Hey, Hey!

Hope you guys all had a great weekend!

Our weekend went by quick but was pretty laid back, with a few fun activities and getting a lot of stuff done around the house.

Friday night Baylee and I went to a wedding shower for a friend and spent the night meeting and chatting with a few girlfriends.


It was a beautiful shower and I am excited for the bride to be! I used to work with her and she now works at a different gym so I don’t see her as often as I used too. Her wedding is the day after my due date! So I know I won’t be at the reception.. hopefully. While we were at the shower, Brent took tanner hunting for the first time. I posted a cute picture of them on my instagram!

Saturday morning started with a big bowl of oatmeal and teaching a body pump class.


Afterwards ,we headed to my little brother Jamison’s football game. I love cheering on my brothers, whether it be in football or baseball. They always play hard,and Saturday it paid off, because they WON 7-0!

We spent the majority of the afternoon at home cleaning, de cluttering, taking things to be donated and more cleaning..

After 5 hours of that, we decided we need a treat!

We headed to Cold stone and while Brent and I shared this sweet cream ice cream with butterfinger mixed in, the kids enjoyed their cotton candy ice cream.


With Fall just around the corner I instantly start craving pumpkin!

One of my favorite pumpkin meals is my protein pumpkin oatmeal!

Protein Pumpkin Oatmeal


How to make:

In a bowl add:

  • 3/4 C. Rolled Oat
  • 4 egg whites
  • 1/2 C. Water

Then microwave for 2:30 stirring often so it doesn’t over flow. Cook until egg whites are fully cooked.

Then add:

  • 1/3 Cup Pumpkin Puree
  • 1 tbs of cinnamon (I like a LOT of cinnnamon, if you don’t, just use less.)
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used vanilla bean by Plant Fusion)
  • 3-4 drops of liquid stevia OR 2 TBS Agave nectar or any sweetener of your choice.
  • 1 Tbs Flax seed
  • Top with banana


Protein pumpkin oatmeal is a helathy and the perfect combo to fuel you through your morning  and/or your workout!

I even whipped out some pumpkin cookies on a total whim on Sunday. I wish I would of written down everything as I went because these protein pumpkin cookies were perfection!

I am going to try and re create them soon!

What do you look forward to about fall?

This year I’m excited for baby & of course pumpkin