Thursday, December 19, 2013


The thing about Utah, when it snows it dumps.

Which made for a pretty sketchy drive…

On my way to work.


On my way home from work.


Note: I have the worst tires in the world and was slipping all over! When I got home, we had to stay home in hibernation!

At least I got to do this workout today, before hibernation set in. I was hoping to make it to the gym later for a run, but shoveling my driveway counts as my cardio for the day.Winking smile

Once I was done with shoveling it was back in our pajamas for the day!


I was sad to miss out on a friend lunch but hey, at least my car didn’t end up like this…


This was the front page of a local news station, and I couldn’t stop laughing.. it had nothing to do with the cars…

Something about staying in Santa Jammies all day makes me and the kids a little crazy.




It snowed till late in the afternoon then, I headed out to shovel again….


That snow was HEAVY!!

Hoping tomorrow is a better weather day! Although, another snow day would be fine.. I got so much stuff done around the house! Christmas gifts are mostly all wrapped, a few articles written, swept, mopped, vacuumed, laundry, bathrooms.. DONE!

What do you do on SNOW day?

Do you like to shovel snow?

Oddly, yes I do!