Saturday, December 7, 2013

Santa’s Reindeer, Dashing through the Snow


Be prepared to see way to many pictures of Bee today.

She performed at her first dance concert ever! I was a proud mama today!

Check out this sass.


Her go to pose kills me. This was my first experience as “dance mom.” That was stressful! Pinning her costume.. making sure she stays clean, doesn’t pull the buttons off, do her make up, pin her antlers on without making her cry, all of the chaos in the dressing room and trying to keep her from feeling overwhelmed is quite the task! I do not know how my friends with 3-4 girls performing do it! Some even had more then one dance!



Watching little kids dance melts my heart! So dang cute..


Today was also the Ham shoot fundraiser for my cousin, Brent headed up after Baylees performance in the truck and I took the kids home to change and get all bundled since it was snowing. Sadly, when I headed up, my car started sliding down the hill I was trying to get up Sad smile I made the decision to play it safe and head home since the roads were just going to get worse. Brent took some cool pictures of the day.



Although it was chilly, there were so many people that showed up to support my cousin and his family. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people. You always take for granted the simple things in life,until something tragic happens and it makes you realize those simple things are the most important. You can read my cousins story here.

I did make it to the gym today, after a busy morning and afternoon I headed to get a run in. I feel like I haven’t ran forever! I didn’t have the attention span to stay on the treadmill today so I added 25 kb swings, 10 single arm snatches each arm and 25 squats. Every 400m I would jump off and do a set of 25 and hop back on the treadmill. I even threw some hill sprints in at the end.. ugh.. those were HARD.

Via hungrymotherrunner Instagram

Here is a version of the workout I did, minus those hill sprints.

I came home and made a really ugly omelet for dinner. No picture of that mess, but it was devoured anyway. I’m sure you will get over  it.

Is it snowing where you are?

Do you like the snow??