Sunday, December 11, 2011

Egg Tortilla Burrito

Yesterday, I took the babes up to hang out with their Grandpa and I went shopping with my step-mom and brothers. I must say it was a success and I am about 80% done! We went up to park city to the outlets and hit up Lulu.. but didn’t make it in time.. Lulu closed at 5.. (dang holiday hours!!) So all I have left is Stocking stuffers, Lulu run for me and a few GC to pick up and I’ll be done!! woo-hoo!! I’ve always been the last minute kind of shopper, so it feels good to be on top of the game this year!

We stopped by whole-foods for dinner at the hot bar. We were starving after a whole day of shopping!

I filled up my salad bowl with spinach, romaine, caprese salad, roasted veggies, red peppers, broccoli, onions, chicken and boiled eggs. Along with a little balsamic dressing drizzled over the top.


12 dollars later.. I was full and happy.

Brent was hunting and while I was shopping I received this picture via text.


Success! We have food for the rest of the year. It was the last day of the hunt for him. He drew out for a bow hunt this year so it’s a little a lot more difficult to hunt with a bow. So I am a very proud wifey. My apologies to all who this may offend. We grew up in hunter families and deer multiply like rabbits in Utah.

Moving on.

Breakfast this morning was an egg wrap



I took 3 egg whites and 3 TBS of almond milk-- mixed them vigorously with a fork until combined well.

Poured half onto a small skillet and covered with a lid until done.

Repeat with remaining batter

In a separate skillet whipped up a mixture of veggies and 2 additional egg whites with one yolk

Placed mixture on top of egg “tortilla.”


Wrapped them up


And drizzled with some hot sauce


Breakfast was served! I also had an unpictured grapefruit and half a banana with almond butter while the veggies were cooking! We slept in a little and was pretty un patient for food…Winking smile

I was surprised with how well my egg “tortilla” turned out! That was one good breakfast burrito!

Off to do the weekly Sunday activities!

  • Laundry.. dun dun duuuuunnnnn…
  • Church
  • Vacuuming
  • Baby playing!
  • Lots of family time! 

Q. What is on your Sunday Agenda?

Q. Do you pick out and buy your own Christmas gifts from your husband?

Brent and I make a list complete with links with what we want but sometimes I just have to try stuff on to see how it fits clothes, shoes etc. So I end up buying/seeing some stuff! Smile


  1. Sunday is my time to catch up on studying. Not very fun I know. Great idea on the egg tortillas.

  2. Sunday agenda was making an advent calendar, eating your yummy oatmeal from yesterday's post, and church. Now I'm blogging/blog reading. I want to make that egg burrito now too. Most blogs I read I usually see something every now and then that I want to make, but it seems like I want to make all your recipes the day after you post them. I guess we have similar taste in food and cooking. I like how your recipes have ingredients that I usually have on hand and they're fast and easy.

  3. I absolutely HATE all protein powder to make a shake/smoothie after working out so I started using the breakfast carnation essentials. It says there is a lot of benifical things in it but I don't know... Have you ever tired it or have any thoughts on it?

  4. There are SO MANY deer in the NoVA area, totes understand, but it still always scares me when I see guys in the woods hunting!

    Great idea for the egg wraps- usually I'll make a wrap just using scrambled eggs and a tortilla!