Thursday, December 22, 2011

Grapefruit Halibut

It is getting a little crazy around here. I still can’t believe Christmas is in 3 er.. almost 2 days!! Whoo hoo!! Am I ready? I have cranberry sauce to make and orange rolls! All on the list to-do for tomorrow.

Along with 30 million rds of Peek-a-boo


and catch me if you can..


Today, Brent got off a little early and we ran a few errands including a little lulu stop..


Thank you Santa.. Winking smile

We came home for dinner and I had some halibut that I pulled out of the freezer a week ago to make this meal and never got to it.. (It’s been a crazy week.) How long is fish okay in the fridge for? a week? Hmmmm…I guess we will find out…


I prepared the halibut by squeezing half a grapefruit over the top and sprinkling with parsley and a little sea salt.

Place grapefruit slices on the top and bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees.



Easy right?

I roasted some cauliflower and green beans to eat on the side.


Great meal! I love halibut, the grapefruit flavor was light, next time I want to marinate over night in the juice to make it a little stronger. Halibut doesn’t taste to “fishy” but boy does it smell fishy.. Good thing I’m making cranberry sauce tomorrow! I love making it just because it makes my home smell like Christmas!

We set out to deliver a few bags of homemade kettle corn to our neighbors DSC_0655DSC_0656

Brent is off for the holiday and I have to work tomorrow.. So its time to go snuggle and enjoy him home while I got him. Off to watch a Christmas movie and enjoy a little dessert!


Good night!


  1. I have some halibut in my fridge right now. So it doesn't taste too grapefruity? I might have to try it but marinate it like you said. I am nervous to try it but I have the fish! The hubby likes grapefruit......
    Ahh. BTW. I have a new Love sweet potato fries. Inspired by your blog post.

  2. Fish + citrus = always a fab combo!