Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pool Tide Gale..

What is a good way to commit to your goals?

Invite a friend.


I have good friends. Don’t I?

One of my goals for December was to get back in the pool. When I set my alarm for 4:30am last night, I knew it would be easier to go if I was meeting someone there.

Then you wake up to a text  at 4:36 am threatening your life if you don’t show up..


I have good friends.

And no, I wasn’t looking forward to getting in the water. It was zero degrees outside and my bed was quite comfy..

We got about an hour swim in. I have to admit it has been much to long since I have been at the pool and I could tell that my swimming endurance was a little on the weak side. Train more I suppose. I was really glad I got it done, it felt great to swim again almost therapeutic, dare I say.


For lunch today I wanted a salad, I have a ton of spinach and besides just throwing it my protein shakes liquid style.  I decided to dress it up all fancy and eat it like a normal person would.

With a fork.

Plus a organic turkey burger, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, avocado and tomato. Drizzled with balsamic dressing.


An apple with almond butter was also consumed. While my turkey burger was on the stove.

Love me some veggies! I haven’t had cucumbers forever and was glad to have that extra crunch in there! 

Yesterday, was my brother in-law Jake’s birthday! So tonight we got together with the fam damily and enjoyed this scrumptious pumpkin spice bundt cake with caramel sauce. In his honor


We also played keep away with the babies and the doggies. For some reason, Aspen LOVES to lick the babies faces whenever the opportunity may arise..


Its pretty cute though.

Had to guard the Christmas tree from the little elves..


Is B in dinosaur pj’s you ask? Why yes, yes she is and she likes them. Is my hair still wet, pulled back from swimming at 5 am. Yes, yes it is.

T tracked down the Christmas choo choo pretty quick.


It was funner to pull it apart and throw it then push it along any track. Winking smile 


It was a fun night and now I’m just chillin with the hubs- laptop to laptop.. romantic eh? Can’t wait until finals are freakin over and we can begin to enjoy the holiday a bit more. But to get us in the spirit a little more we are jamming out to this little diddy.

I am really loving Justin Biebers Christmas CD. I’m kind of a teenager at heart and swoon over his girly voice.

Q. What is your favorite Christmas CD?

Mine used to be Mariah Carey.. But Justin Beiber holiday on pandora is rocking in this sleigh (my car) lately.


  1. Whoop-way to be digging in and hitting your goals! Pretty lunch. Babes in pjs is the best

  2. I think I listen to Mariah Carey's Christmas album at least 100 times during the holiday season... It never gets old! Haven't heard any of Beib's stuff- I'm not really into his other music though, so IDK if I'd like it?!