Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Arches and A Workout

Our last day in Moab we were hoping to get some hiking in but the weather wasn’t too cooperative. It was really windy so we ended up just hanging out at the visitor center at Arches National Park. The kids still had a good time.


We will be back for hiking later in the year! Next weekend I’m heading back for Red Rock Relay!

This has been my breakfast lately.

Banana toast with Almond butter will never get old.

After breakfast I headed to teach a boot camp class. If you are needing a workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat, give this a go! You will be sweating in the first round. Do 1, 2 or all 4 rounds depending on how much time you have.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and go through the three movements as fast as you can in the 10 minutes!

Here are a few movement demos from GPP YouTube page for you.

Plate Cleans


KB swings

Backward step lunges -> this demo is done OH which is great too!

Have fun!

If your curious what this babe is doing lately…

Gym Selfie—> so sue me.

GROWING!! I’m sure that I am about the same size 16 weeks pregnant with ONE baby as I was with TWO babies..

After Baylees Dance class I had a lunch date with my Dad at Plates and Palates. I love this place and haven’t been in a few weeks. It was a packed house and we ended up at a small table for two… but it all worked out.

I got to enjoy my shrimp and spinach salad.

While my Dad got to enjoy his lunch…

Baylee was snacking off his plate the whole time.. ps I really do her hair everyday.. she just pulled it out right before because she wasn’t comfortable in her car seat. And lets face it.. it ends up this way every afternoon anyway.

We all got an afternoon nap in and chores done around the house and I taught a Body Pump class to wrap up the day.

For dinner I had Chicken, broccoli and sweet potato. It was quite a whirlwind at dinner so no pic. Your welcome.

Tomorrow it is a run day!! Can’t wait to get out and run! It has been almost a week since I last went for a run! Its not like I have a race coming up soon or anything…(11 days!!! Ha! I even pulled out my garmin  so it will be ready too..

What is your go to breakfast?

When was your last run?

Monday, April 28, 2014


Hey guys! Hope you had a great Weekend!

We spent the weekend down in Moab, Utah. Brent’s family goes down every year for the car show. It is a hot weekend to visit down in Moab. If you are a classic car fan, or your significant other it is a fun time to visit. Although, this particular weekend was anything but hot. It rained and was super windy the WHOLE weekend. Which made the car show a little rough. This is the first weekend in the last 5 years, that has had crummy weather. We still had fun though!

We stayed in a condo that we had rented. I didn’t set up the rental but it was great to have our own kitchen and rooms. If you have more then 10 people traveling with you, renting a condo is the way to go compared to a hotel.

We left early Friday morning and as soon as we arrived we rented a jeep, since we sold ours last year.. We went through Twisted Jeep Rental. We were able to get a really good deal on a 24 hr jeep rental and it had all the bells and whistles on it, well, in a rock crawling, jeep kind of way. The company was great to work with, I recommend them! They are a new rental company this year.

We are a little redneck and proud of it..


Being a pregnant chick, I get super car sick quick so I wasn’t able to do much jeeping. Here are a few pics from their jeeping adventure.

While everyone was jeeping I took my kids into town and we went to the T-shirt shop and they got to make their own t-shirts. Then I took them to the Moab Diner Ice cream shoppee for some ice cream!

We then headed back to take a quick nap before everyone got back. We went to dinner at La Hacienda. If you are in Moab and love Mexican food, this is the place to go! I highly recommend the chicken fajitas.


The rest of the night we spent chatting till our eyes all started to close.

Saturday morning I wanted to get in a run before they left but the high winds and heavy rain early in the morning.. kept me in bed. I wasn’t up for fighting the weather. I’ll admit, I’m a totally fair weathered runner! Especially in Moab, because when its windy, its also sandy..


The rain continued throughout the day, we spent the morning relaxing with the kids and did our nails and did a little shopping.


We had a quick lunch, turned the jeep back in and headed to the car show. It was raining and cold, so we didn’t stay too long. The car show isn’t what is exciting about it. People literally line up along the main street and watch the cars drive back and forth. They drag, rev their engines and show off. I should of washed my car… ha!


No Moab trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Zax.


I recommend this restaurant as a must go. They have great options, all you can eat pizza/salad bar, hamburgers, Salmon and even GF personal pizza! If you go you have to get the Honey Chicken Pizza! It is my favorite!! The salad bar isn’t that fabulous so don’t just get the “All you can eat Salad bar.” Everything else is fabulous!

Bee is my child that LOVES to have her picture taken. (That is the shirt she designed and made at “The T-shirt shop.”)


Tanner obviously is not. Ha! In this pic he jumped in front of Bee and is yelling at me not to take a picture..


Then we went outside and he actually asked me to take a picture of him with this “hot wheels” Car..


We spent the rest of Saturday night back at the condo playing Heads Up! It is a fun family game to play with just two people or a whole group! It is an app you can get on your phone.

This post is long enough for today! Ill post about our quick trip to Arches National Park another time.

What is your favorite road trip snack?

Sunflower seeds, are always a must in our car! I bring fruit leathers and licorice for the twins. Caffeine is usually a necessity if we are late night driving, especially for the driver!

On a scale from 1-10 how was your weekend?

I’m going to say a 5. It was good to get away but weather trumped it a bit.

Top 2 favorite toppings for Pizza?

I loved the Chicken Honey pizza from Zax, but always love artichokes, peppers and chicken on my pizza! Or just olives and cheese.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Red Rock Relay 2014 & Potty Talk

The last two days have flown by!

Yesterday was stacked with training, Baylees dance class pictures, Preschool, lunch date, Doctor appointment to spy on baby #3, and a pump class.

I even sat down at the end of the day to blog and realized I hadn’t taken ONE photo of the entire day. WOW. Blogger fail.

This morning I coached at GPP and stayed and did some computer work.

For those of you in Mexico we have a new location coming your way! I personally can’t wait to go down there and storm a workout!

The workout today seemed pretty easy and quick online but in reality it got a little rough toward the end! I also got a short run in today!


I have to start running a little more because I am going to run the MOAB RED ROCK RELAY! I am SO excited to run with my “dawls” again! I wasn’t planning on running with them and just working the race, helping with registration and all that jazz, but the opportunity came up that one runner had to drop out which is no fun, but I am glad I get to run a bit! This is my all time favorite relay.

This will by my 4th year running it, and it really is a must do! It is a quick ONE day relay, so you don’t have to do the whole “sleep in the van” thing, cause lets be honest.. there comes a point where that gets “fun.” Ha! After doing a lot of relays, I will say that the one day relays are my favorite!

Plus, having it in Moab, Utah is a big bonus because it is one of my favorite places to visit! It really is one giant playground for anyone that loves to bike, run, jeep, 4 wheel, rock climb, camp, go on a river trip, etc. I’m actually going to Moab this weekend!

You can check out a few of my  Red Rock Relay race recaps for 2013 Park City, 2013 Moab and 2012 Zion.

Lunch came a little late today, I was pretty hangry by the time I got home and grabbed my left over salad from yesterday. I added some grilled chicken, peas and corn to the mix before literally inhaling it.


I taught my kids class today and afterwards had an hour and a half before I had to be back at work for a quick meeting. Brent was home with the kids, so I went for a run! I first went to the steepest hill in Bountiful and ran up it. Lets be real though. It was more like a fabulous “wog”

One of legs on the relay is pretty killer. So to the hills I run.

Afterwards I had about half hour and so I grabbed a little extra time on the treadmill. I was pretty tired but was able to run an extra mile and then I walked.


After my meeting, I came home and got dinner all squared away.

I have a thing for peas and corn lately, I guess..


At dinner tonight, Tanner told me he had to go potty.


I haven’t talked to much about “potty training” on the blog, but this kid was probably the most difficult child in the world to train. Not even kidding.

Bee has been potty trained for a year.

I was sure Tanner would be right behind her.. but no, he never cared. I tried everything under the sun to get him to go.. but nothing ever worked.

Then BAM.

All by himself! It is true that they will do it when they want too.

I totally cried tears of happiness and had quite the “potty party” for him. He is just as excited too!

Lets hope he keeps it up!

I have a early morning tomorrow so I’m off to sleep!

Runners: What has been your favorite relay/race?


Pregnant runners.. did you ever use a “belly bra”? If so, what kind/brand did you use and like?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Hunt Workout & Me In Chalk Form.

First off, Congrats to all the bloggers and my friends that ran Boston today!! It seemed to be a perfect race day and I was just a little jealous of you all.

Oh, and Meb, you are amazing. 2:08!?



Second, I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!

Ours was full of family fun Saturday- Sunday. My parents were divorced (My mom past away but we still celebrate with her side of the family) My husbands parents are divorced and both remarried, so needless to say, we are party hopping professionals.

Best Picture of my kids I could get of them together this weekend…


We spent Saturday at my Grandmas (Moms side), then Sunday we visited Brent’s Dads, then went to my Dads. Lots of delicious food, and great company!

Here are just a few pics.


This morning it was back to the Monday grind. My alarm went off at 4:15am, but then I may of pushed snooze a couple times. I literally have to set at LEAST 5 alarms with all different tunes to get out of bed that super early in the morning!

At GPP we had a great workout to ease us into the week after a busy weekend.



I finished in 19:23. I modified the press jacks to push presses, and finished! That 500 m row felt never ending that last round.

I came home and spent the remainder of the morning tracing my kids with chalk. Bee did a pretty good job tracing me, don’t you think?



I taught boot camp this afternoon and did a fun Easter workout with them!

So I did an Easter egg hunt with my kids Saturday morning but instead of candy, I put a note telling them to do something funny. Example: Walk like a Robot to next egg, Jump like a bunny etc. It was really fun for them and I wanted to do something similar with my boot camp class today, but couldn’t exactly hide the eggs around the gym, so I put an exercise in each egg and I picked the first one, after they completed the reps they went for a run, when they got back from the run they got to pick their own egg! It worked out perfectly and they had a lot of fun. It reminded me of this GPP workout!


My boot camp class actually had reps ranging from either 25-50! The lunges and Mountain Climbers are R+L=1.

Give it a try!

Since my boot camp class had so much fun with it, I did it with my kids class too today! I modified the reps and the run for them and they loved it just as much!

GUESS WHAT?! I actually taught BODY ATTACK today! It had been a LONG time since I had taught that class and well, it was just like riding a bike. I had a lot of fun and was able to teach most of my tracks up to par. I did modify a bit but it was mostly the big tuck jumps and such! It felt great to teach it again!

After Attack I headed home to whip up a quick dinner! I grilled some chicken, made some sweet potatoes on the skillet and steamed some veggies! It was a perfect way to end the night!


Note: White Corn > Yellow corn. Always and forever.

Tell me about your Easter! Bloggers, link your re cap Easter posts in comments! I love to see them!

Do you like white or yellow corn best??

White! Off the cob!

Favorite/Least Easter Candy?

I found a new favorite. Snickers PB EGG. I only had half of one but it was delicious and now I’m hoping I can find them in Easter Sales. Jelly Bellies are always in my top 3.

Ps. Peeps are gross. OH, and those styrofoam chicks and ducks..

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pregnancy- 1st Trimester


Hey guys! Hope everything is going well on your end! It has been touch and go here. Ha! Nothing huge but this pregnancy still is kicking my blogger butt. I am super tired all day, so by the time I get dinner on the table I’m usually on the couch.. just laying down.

I thought I would do a trimester recap while I have the energy. I know some people don’t love or care for these type of things so I promise not to do them weekly or anything.

1st Trimester


14 weeks! Don’t let this photo fool you… as soon as I eat something I am quite larger. Ha! Because of having twins before I “popped” pretty quick with this one!



I have been able to continue my workouts as usual with a few modifications. I still do GPP fitness workouts Monday-Friday and teach Body Pump twice weekly.


I am still running but just an easy 3 miles here and there. I have stopped teaching Body Attack, but hope to go back to it soon. I had stopped teaching it when I was trying to get pregnant because I had to drop intensity for awhile. I do miss it though, and I do realize that I could of still taught it at low impact but I’m the type of person that goes all out, especially when I teach. So I cut it and it ended up being a good thing.  

Here is a recap of my workouts last week.

  • Monday:  GPP & Boot Camp
  • Tuesday: Body Pump 
  • Wednesday: GPP & 3 mile run 
  • Thursday: GPP & Boot Camp
  • Friday: GPP
  • Saturday: Body Pump + 30 minute hike
  • Sunday: REST



Good. I wake up about once or twice to either go to the bathroom or by another child. Overall, it has been pretty good!  


NOT FINDING OUT! We have decided to have this baby be a surprise! We have a boy and a girl so why not?! Right?

Belly Button?




Stretch Marks?

None yet!


None. Although, I thought I felt a little flutter last night!


  • Nausea - More like motion sickness at night! I take half a unisom and B6 every night that helps with it during the day.
  • FATIGUE. I’m sure I could take a 3 hour nap every day at LEAST, if I could..



I haven’t really had any actual cravings as of late, I did  go through a Chipotle phase the first few weeks, but now I just want really bland food. Not anything spicy, just plain everything! Maybe with a little salt. I love fruit & skinny pop popcorn but loved it before my pregnancy too.

That is that!!

Yesterday, I took the kids to the zoo with some of our neighbors for the first time this year! They loved it!


Here we are going into this Easter weekend! We have lots of fun plans on schedule!

I want to wish all my friends and bloggers that are running BOSTON on Monday GOOD LUCK! Also, all my friends running the Salt Lake Half Marathon and the Full TOMORROW!!

Happy Running!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Cardio Blast Workout


One thing is for sure… Pregnancy is kicking my blogger BUTT. I can’t complain though because I have had a relatively easy pregnancy so far, *knock on wood*  I do have a little nausea but it is controlled by a half of a Unisom and B6 that I take each night. Which gets me through the morning and part of the afternoon.. By about 6 pm I am nauseous and don’t want to do a thing! I fall asleep by 8:30pm every night.. kids asleep by then or not, I’m out. FATIGUE has been a huge thing during this pregnancy, I’m positive I could nap for 3-4 hours a day and be okay with that. I am just out of my first trimester  (13 weeks) so here is hoping that all starts to fade a bit.

I am still working out daily, running has been cut to a minimum and anything that makes me go up and down quickly, which makes me instantly sick.. weird.

It has been awhile since I have posted a workout for y’all. I made this one up for my boot camp this morning.

My boot camps are 60 minutes long so it is designed for an hour long workout. You can shorten it by taking the runs out and still get your heart pumpin!


So do 15 burpees, 15 G2OH, 15 Front Squats, 15 Box Jumps, 15 situps THEN run a half mile. When you get back from the run start over from the top with 16 reps and so on..

Here are some video demos for some of the movements.


G2OH = Ground to over head

Front squat

Give it a go! My boot campers all seemed to love it!

*Remember to cut this workout in half if you are new to working out. It is a rough one that is designed to keep your heart rate up! You may need to back off throughout the workout a few times and that is A-ok.

Let me know if you try it!!

**SIDE NOTE: I am still on working on fixing all my links located in Recipes and Workouts and practically all my tabs… I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope your having a great week so far!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Modifying Les Mills Body Pump while Pregnant.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I’d like to think the snow we got today was a joke but nope…

And neither was my breakfast!

My go to breakfast lately has been french toast.


I mix 4 egg whites and one whole egg, cinnamon and a small amount of vanilla almond milk. Then dip 2 slices of Ezekiel bread in it and throw it on the skillet.

Its so quick and easy in the mornings. I topped it today with PB2, agave, and Chia berry jam!

Give it a try, you will be just as hooked!


I taught 2 boot camp classes tonight and Body Pump. I will post the boot camp workout for you tomorrow.

I also did the GPP workout today and I am going to feel all those squats tomorrow!.. and the next day.. and probably the next.



“SLS2S” is Single leg sit to stand.You balance on one foot and sit down onto a bench or chair. Try not to use your arms to help you stand back up! OH the burn.

I modified the jump rope after a few rounds to plate switches.

Modifying Body Pump

I have had a few people ask if I’m teaching Pump still and the answer is YES! It is one of my favorite workouts while pregnant. I taught pump throughout my entire twin pregnancy and I believe it helped with my quick recovery post partum. Which is why I will do it as long as I can with this one!

There are a few modifications I make though to make it through!

Les Mills has a great guide to make it through any Body Pump Class.

I’ll go through each track and give tips for modification ideas that I have done so far for each track. For those of you who are not Body Pump Savvy, the Les Mills Body Pump has 10 tracks, for an entire body workout.

1. Warm up- Is done with light weight on your bar, there is no modifications needs usually.

2. Squats- I have modified this by using a lighter weight then I usually do. Especially through my first trimester I have felt WEAK, and all those reps build up lactic acid a whole lot quicker. So I back off the weight for awhile and really focus on range of motion. 

3. Chest- When you get into you 2nd trimester, put your bench on a slant. I have 3 risers on one side and one on the other side.


4. Back and Hamstrings- Lower your weight and stand with your feet slightly wider then your normal set stance. This helps to stay more grounded with your new center of gravity.

5. Triceps- I also tilt my bench just like in the chest track. I have been able to use my same weight on triceps, for kick backs, overhead and presses. If we do bench dips I have had to open my legs a little wider in order to get full range of motion. 


6. Biceps- I haven’t had to modify much here but once the belly gets bigger I may go switch to using Dumb bells throughout the entire track.

7. Lunges- This track is a mix of squats, lunges, and even plyo jumps. This pregnancy the lunge track has been the hardest for me. I get really dizzy so I have to modify by not using weight on the lunges.

8. Shoulders- Use a lighter weight if you feel it is needed.

9. Abs- This track will be different for each person. Some people think core work is a little pointless for pregnant people but training the core is still very important! You will need to modify most of the track but don’t just skip it. Do a simple cat/cow, leg drops,and tick tocks.

10. Cool down/ Stretch- Only stretch what is comfortable for you.

Remember to check with your doctor before doing any new workout. Also, work at an intensity that is good for you at that point in your pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different so pay attention to yourself and that growing belly!