Monday, January 4, 2016

Here we come 2016!

Did we all survive the first Monday of the new year! 
As an instructor I love the energy and excitement the new year brings at the gym! It is common to have a fitness goal and I love meeting and sweating with new faces! 

This year it's my goal to track my activity better. 

I snagged this cute little fitness journal at target and I love it! It has little sections to record different things. It even has a spot to write three things your grateful for that day. I love that. Gratitude = positivity! 

I also want to be more aware of what I tell myself. I have a healthy body that can do amazing things! There is no time to think otherwise this year. 

I snagged this bar at the gym and I really like it! You guys need to try this! They sell out fast everywhere. So keep an eye out and buy them all. 

My other GO too bar is G2G bars they are all natural and amazing! If you love nut butters you will love these bars too!

My #1 flavor is the almond butter with fruit! And then of course peanut butter chocolate chocolate chip! Use the code "hungry" at checkout for a discount on their website! (
This week is "HELLTH" week at GPP and ash and I are both doing it and day one proved its going to be a rough one! 

You can follow along as well at

Hope your 2016 is off to a good start!!