Friday, March 29, 2013

Weird Food Combos are sometimes the BEST.


Oh hey, it’s the weekend!!

The sun is out here and its glorious! It really is days like this that I really do love Utah.


Last night I ended up shakin it at Zumba. It was a really fun class {as always!} Teresa is awesome! She is also starting a body blast class which is similar to ballet blast! I can’t wait to try it out, its 90 minutes!! That is some serious tone and booty burn if you ask me! Anyway,  I ended up chatting with the girls in turn getting home later then usual and just called it a day when I got home.

I also ended up doing part of this CORE workout yesterday and finally got a pretty decent run in with my new Mizunos! ----> LOVE, love, LOVE!

Even though it was a beautiful day, I ended up running inside on the TM because my running stroller was out of commission with a flat tire.. besides the kids LOVE the daycare at Skills Fitness. It really is one of the best staffed, cleanest and most interactive kids club there is. They get excited to go play and have fun while I get my workout in!


I wasn’t really in the mood to workout yesterday morning so I just decide to take it nice and easy. I started at a 6.2 and increased speed a bit each mile! Each mile was better and better. It always takes me about two miles to fall into the groove and just run.

I was so glad I actually got it done. Sometimes when I don’t feel like doing anything, I always tell myself just to get there and get moving and see how it goes. I may not ever fall in the groove, but I never regret it.

I refueled with the crazy combo, it was strange but glorious at the same time.


Egg whites, sweet potatoes and chocolate protein PB2..

Told you it was crazy… but it was surprisingly amazing… and I had the same thing today!


Today I got the GPP workout in, which was a run mixed with some kb swings and V-ups. Then later I decide to take the kids for a quick jog because Brent gave the stroller tire a new tube and it ran just like new!


We ran up to a park which I would guess is about 3 1/2 miles round trip from our house.

The kids had a blast!


It was a fun day!

Do you have any crazy food combos you want to share?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Work it.

Hi friends!!! Happy Hump Day!
Yesterday I didn’t get around to posting, it was just one of those days my bed & Nashville sounded better:.
I had a morning workout at my BIL gym, I met a friend there. It was a good cardio workout with a variety of different movements with some running mixed in.
Later I got my GPP WOD in, which I wasn’t necessarily planning on doing, because I lack flexibility in my shoulders for them and they are a MAJOR goat of mine.. Same with Brent.. when he got home from work, we decided to man up and face the squat.
Well…. OH squats can kiss it.
After I headed to Ballet Blast again with my friend. It was packed this week! But I felt more confident with the movements and was able to follow along better.
This morning I headed to GPP to coach and watch a few classes gut this workout out!
Kenz was next to me in the workout and we pushed each other to the end.
Done and DONE… So rough, sweaty and uh… sweaty!
I still had some time after before I had to pick up the kids from a friends house so I decided to do a quick run.
By quick, I mean really slow. Specter took all I had today….
3 miles and that was that.
During nap time I decide to take some R & R with some ice cream!
A few of my friends have been fans of Arctic Zero for a while now and I haven’t tried it till today.
Verdict: I really liked it!!! The nutritional stats are not to shabby either! My stomach didn’t hurt afterward either! Win, win!

I didn’t take pics of my food much today, but after coaching a night class I came home and had some fish, green beans with avocado.
On a kid plate. Winking smile I don’t know why I always eat my food from my kids plates? Probably because my other ones are heavy and huge and theirs are cute and make eating fun?
What was your workout today?
Do you eat off kids plates?
Have you tried Arctic Zero?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easy Protein PB&J

Another Monday, here we GO!

Hope you guys had a great day! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE Mondays!

I take every Monday to re-focus and dial in on nutrition… starting with breakfast. Which I ate on my way to the gym and didn’t get a pic… but it was pumpkin oatmeal.. Ill spare you a pic.. don’t worry I have a delicious picture of oats at the end of the post.

Sundays are my typical rest day and Mondays I am fresh and ready to hit it hard.


Source--->click on link for video demos of the movements.

The workout at GPP was all about just getting our heart rates up, and lunges… 160 to be exact.

I felt like Jell-o after that!

GPP has started doing a “CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK”

A physical. lifestyle and nutritional challenge each week!

It has been awesome this last couple weeks and I find them to be motivating and uplifting!! Especially the lifestyle challenge because it challenges me to do things that I normally wouldn’t think about doing in the normal daily grind!

Check them out this week!

I am a person that thrives after this type of thing and it has been such a great thing for me. I have learned so much from it.

So I spent some time after the WOD, doing some of the physical challenges of the week!


After the workout I refueled with some sweet potatoes, eggs and green beans. IMG_2635[1]

Then I cleaned up this mess…

Oh, she is just so cute…Winking smile

She did have an accomplice though!


(That is them actually “cleaning up”….)

I taught Body Attack tonight and spent naptime going over all the choreography and jazz for the night.

Before heading to class I snacked on a messy PB&J sandwich!

I toasted two cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread, heated up some frozen berries then mixed in chia seeds to make jam and then mixed some chocolate (chocolate is all I had.) PB2 with water and added a little less then scoop of vanilla protein and got 30 grams of protein packed into one PB&J!!


Seriously, the best thing I have had in a long time!! It was a little messy, but it was warm and perfectly sweet and could easily be classified as dessert.Winking smile

I haven’t taught attack for the last few weeks because of my shins and WOW… Take a month off of teaching that class and I’m sucking wind.. or maybe it was because I may or may not of accidently added 24 plyo lunges to the power track and Burpees in the running track.. ANYWAY.. it was an AWESOME class!

I came home and was craving oats and that was that- dinner was decided.

Cinnamon Oats and egg whites.

Not pretty… but it was fantastic.

I think Ill wake up early and take my new shoes for a run!

What is one thing you do to keep yourself on the right track? Mentally, Physically, or Nutritionally?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

This one time we pet skunks

Happy Sunday!

Hope you guys are having a killer weekend!

Yesterday, I skipped out on the GPP workout and chose to sleep in. I came down with a dumb cold and my nose is running faster then I can, so I figured it would be better to get a little shut eye!

I got up around 8 and got ready and headed to teach Body Pump! I taught one of my favorite “oldie” tracks! Welcome to Africa! ---->Its from BP 60! We are now on 85… The song has been stuck in my head ever since! (I can’t even find a link to the song..) Anyway, class was awesome, even if they had to hear me sniff every 30 seconds. Deadlifts+runny noses do not go well together..

After pump I spent little time on the stair case to nowhere…I tweaked my ankle the other day in a sprint-head phone- dive to save the iphone reaction on the treadmill… it’s a little tender so I took running off. 


I climbed 63 flights of stairs in 20 minutes. I love the stair mill when I am craving a nice and easy sweat session. The stair mill is low impact and can magically make your drip in 10 minutes. Boring as crap, unless you get to watch a fun show, read a magazine or add in some fun intervals. Winking smile

Adventure Time:

Last night we headed to Scheels! We have been there one time before and had fun taking the kids around taking photos. They have a bunch of fun photo ops around the whole store!

You can drive around in a jeep.


Pet the skunks!

And say hi to the grizzly bear!

After some fun, we decided to check out some new bikes.


I guess we are ALL in the market. Smile

I sold my road bike a few months ago and now on the search for a new one. To bad my allowance isn’t enough for this gem.


Bikes are expensive…. I guess I can dream right?

Now, shoes… those I can beg just enough to bring them home.

I have been lusting after the new Mizuno Waverider 16 ever since they came out. I used to run in Mizunos and loved it then got caught up in the Brooks craze. I have been running in Brooks this last year, and I have to admit that I am a fan of Brooks, but you get past a certain mileage with them and they get a little uncomfortable. I’ll wear them for short distances but for long I need a little more support and nothing beats the wave plate in the Mizunos!

It was love at first step. I even got to do some running around the store after two little speedsters.


I love cottton candy…AND running so these are perfect.Winking smile

I can’t wait  to run in them OUTSIDE! The weather here took a nose dive straight back to winter the past two days… Hopefully it warms up this week!

Either way, new shoes are motivation to hit the pavement!

What is your favorite running shoe?

Would you pet a skunk?

****I have started posting easy recipes on my INSTAGRAM! Follow me @bodyofamother.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Transition Into Running After Baby.

OR babies… just in case you had two..


When I first found out I was pregnant with the twins at 10 weeks, I stopped running for the first few weeks. I was considered “high risk” and had to take my exercise level down a notch…. or 10.

I was also nauseous and tired at the time, I worked a full-time job in a pediatric dental office so I came home pretty exhausted most days. At about 13 weeks I started running again. Slow and steady. I was still teaching pump and attack throughout my pregnancy. Once I hit 25 weeks I stopped teaching attack and I stopped running all together and just continued with pump and started swimming!

052 (2)

Swimming became my favorite thing in the world! It took all the pressure of my back and joints and the babies loved it! I could feel them kicking and moving as soon as we got in the water.


I look like poop in that pic. but hey, I was 37 weeks pregnant with the twins.

Fast forward to delivery.


{Day I went into labor}

I had a c-section and was instructed to not workout for 6-12 weeks.

We all know how well I am at following directions.

Four weeks later, Brent and I went for a walk with the twins. I decided that I felt pretty good and I was going to just try running. It felt SOOOOO good to actually run someplace other then a restroom post partum. I took it slow but I just remember feeling things jiggle that never did before and out of breathe just like I have never ran before in my life. I had to stop and walk over 4 times in that mile stretch. I got a side ache a half mile in and I just thought to myself I would never run again. It was SO hard and didn’t feel natural anymore.


We went home and I kind of sulked and figured that this is going to to take some work. I WILL get my running mojo back! Each day I swaddled up the kids in the stroller and took them for a walk/run. photo 1 (8)

Each week I could tell a major improvement! I got back to teaching pump, and attack and kept up with swimming.

Each week I got better, and faster. The twins were born in July and their isn’t great race opportunities after September, so I took the time to build up my endurance before doing a race.

I ran my first race 8 months post partum.


Finished just under 2 hours! I was so happy to have friends to push me to the end and meet my goal. I felt great and haven’t looked back since.

Getting back into running was NO easy task!! It took time, dedication, perseverance and PATIENCE! Running is important to me but I don’t let it define who I am. It is something I love and I’m so grateful that I didn’t give up on myself after that first brutal mile.

Tips to getting back to running post partum

*Take it SLOW. Walk and Run when you first start and take distance one mile at a time.

*Everyone is different and it will take time. It can take up to a year to get your pace back and feel comfortable. We are not all like this chick who pulled off a 1:30 half 6 weeks post-partum!

*Listen to your body and learn to understand the difference between just being uncomfortable and pain.

*Don’t give up! Make time for yourself too! Having a new babe can cause a lot of stress and mommies need to get some time to themselves every so often.

*Be patient!!! You won’t be as strong as you were before! BUT you will be stronger in the long run!

Any other tips out there for momma to be’s?

Even if you haven’t had kids, what got you running in the first place?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tabata Burner


This morning I grabbed a quick pre-workout breakfast and shot out the door.


I taught a few classes before tackling this tabata workout!

A tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of “work” followed by 10 sec. of rest. We performed 5 different exercises, BTB (bottom to bottom) squats, deadlifts, box jumps, kb swings and hill climbers (R+L=1).


Those hill climbers were ROUGH!! By the 5th round my reps per round got lower and lower… For the squats we were instructed to “rest” at the bottom of the squat! My legs were on fire, especially after the ballet blast class last night! My hips,booty and calves were pretty sore this morning!



Sore calves make those box jumps super fantastic!


That’s RIGHT!

My shins were feeling pretty good today through the workout so I went for a run. I started off pretty slow and sped up every mile and a half. Once I hit 5 I walked at an incline to cool down.


I’m happy to report.. NO PAIN! YAY!!!


Lunch today came quick!

Spaghetti is Tanners absolute favorite food. He had 3 more plates after this.. with a side of ring pop. Winking smile


Before heading out to teach a few night classes I snagged an apple on my way out the door.


My stomach started hurting… while I was teaching. I don’t know what it is about apples that cause the issue. ugh. I still love them though! This little baby gala was sweet and crispy!


Dinner was simple tonight-(like every night really..)

Tilapia and green beans for the win.


Quickly followed by a serving, plus some of some Vanilla Bean Ice cream! Who really eats 1/2 cup of ice cream? That’s like saying you also eat 1/2 cup of cereal. Winking smile


Well, deserved after a long day!


What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

On busy nights, what is your go to meal?