Monday, June 30, 2014

Just Like New.

Happy Monday! We got home from the cabin pretty early yesterday and got to work taking all of our furniture apart and taking our doors off in prep for our NEW carpet that got installed today!

Our carpet in our house was 12 years old.. it was tan and had stains from 3 different families.. I have been wanting to give it a make over since we moved in almost 4 years ago!

This morning I was up early and off to my home away from home.

This GPP workout was exactly what I needed after a vacation. I do love vacations but I do miss my day to day routine.

This workout was ROUGH today.. We could say that this workout made me feel super pregnant today.

Source—> All movement demos can be found here.

I love Single arm snatches but today these were SO hard for me. I only did 4 rounds and modified the weights by using a #18 pd kb for snatches and 12.5 db for the press jacks.

I collapsed on the couch with a quick post workout shake.


It wasn’t long before I was back at the gym teaching boot camp. I will have that workout up for you tomorrow.

The highlight of the day was meeting some friends for lunch. We usually go out for birthdays and the week of my birthday was a little busy so we made it up today!

Shrimp and spinach + chicken for the win! I love hanging out with my girl friends. Its good for a mothers soul.

I made a quick trip to target and was fascinated to find so many different variety of Chips Ahoy! Cookies..

Seriously… who knew? I ran into a friend and she convinced me to snag the salted carmel ones. She just did a fitness competition  (figure) and looks amazing. So apparently Chips Ahoy is the secret to a bangin bod, just in case you were wondering.I haven’t tried them yet.. so I’ll let you know!

I had kept the kids out and away from home long enough and it was nice to come home to this!

We are still working on moving back in and putting all our furniture back together.. I feel like we moved 3 times. Well, I can’t take any credit.. Brent stayed home and did most of the heavy moving.

I taught maybe my last attack class for awhile.. I love teaching body attack.. just not pregnant.. Yes, it is possible to do when pregnant, but when I teach I like to teach ALL options. Not just the low, and lets face it. Attack is a fun but rough workout for anyone.

After attack brent and the kids met me at Pizza Pie Café. It is a popular buffet pizza place in town and have heard it was a great place!

I loaded up at the salad bar and had a few bites of pizza but wasn’t’ too impressed with it…

We came home and did some yard work. I got bit by 17 mosquitos.. did you know they can bite through lulu.. True story.

We are wanting to start fresh with our garden. It kind of got taken over by flowers..that kind of remind me of weeds but supposedly not. I’m also sure flowers come to my house to die.. ha!

What are your favorite kind of cookie?

Do you like to garden?What is your favorite kind of flower?

I love tulips but wish they lasted longer.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Staying Fit On Vacation

Wow! I hope you guys had a great weekend!

On Thursday my family and I left to spend time together at our family ranch in Star Valley, Wyoming. I absolutely love it up there. It is so peaceful and tranquil. I grew up at this ranch and have many memories with my cousins there. My grandpa built this place and it has proven to be a place of solitude for the entire Hale family. If you have been reading the blog for awhile you know how important this place is to me. We try and make it up a few times each year.

One thing that I love is that I don’t really get service here. (FYI: AT&T does not fly up here. Verizon does, however it is still a bit touchy.) There is something relieving about not having internet/television/instagram/facebook not accessible by the touch of a finger.

I figured I would recap my vaca by sharing with you my favorite tips to stay active while on vacation!

Staying FIT on Vacation

Here are some tips on how to stay fit on vacation.

1. Get Outside!

My kids LOVE being outside.. Bee is actually still in her pajamas.. it was 8 am when I took this picture! It actually helps me to get up and get outside too! We played on the swings for awhile and went for a short hike.

Staying active while on vacation can just be as simple as getting outside. Go for a hike (if your by mountains), or just walk around the block first thing in the morning.

Even throw some rocks in some water.

2. Plan an active activity

My husband loves to golf! Luckily, so does my dad and brothers so they planned to go golfing one afternoon and then came back to the cabin and kept on golfing.

side note: Don’t those clouds look amazing?!

My Uncle is training for Lotoja and every day he spent time training with some of his buddies. They literally biked the majority of the day.. but training for that is no joke! Being the endurance junkie I am I was a little jealous of those long bike rides in this scenery.

Go for a run!

Running on vacation is one of my favorite ways to get to know the area and to just enjoy that moment and time. I never go with an expectation when on vacation. It IS a vacation.. just relax, no pace goal, no stress. Get out and go.

If there is a race where you are at and have the time sign up just for fun!

In Star Valley there is a half marathon. Last year, a couple of my cousins went out an did it! Just for fun.

We are a little crazy like that.

We also like to go on four wheeling trips and plan hikes as a family. Even just going for a swim in the hotel pool, spending at least 20 minutes in the hotel gym is just great.

4. Visit a Local gym

Every time I visit Star valley I like to drop into Crossfit Star Valley. Aly (My step mom) came with me this time!

The coaches and members are always so welcoming! Blake is also a great coach and very knowledgeable. He made sure we knew options and were comfortable with the lifts and the workout before starting.

We started with about a 10 minute warm up that consisted of just a few stretches, lunges and other light movements. After they did a tabata that consisted of lunge switches. THOSE do not get any easier.. ever… ha! Then the class did a lifting warm up. Aly and I just watched this portion. Blake (the coach/owner) went through a variety of warm up lifting techniques with them with a non weighted bar. Then we got to work on the strength work of the day. The movement was a split jerk. It is one of my favorite movements and since being pregnant I kept it light. They use Kg’s at crossfit Star Valley and I’m not super great with converting kg’s to pds. Blake informed my I was using 86 lbs which was perfect for this prego. Aly was new to the movement and he spent a good amount of time with her coaching her through the movement and making sure she was comfortable with it. I find that to be very impressive! She nailed the movement and made it look easy as cake.

The workout  we did was:

7 rounds

  • 7 Ring rows
  • 7 Goblet Squats
  • 7 HSPU
  • 70 m run ---> In the downpour rain! (Which was actually really refreshing!)

Aly and I both modified the HSPU (hand stand push ups) with single arm dumbbell press- 7 on each side. I wasn’t the only pregnant person there either! There was two others that were pregnant, one being the owners wife who is due just the week before me and one was my great cousin? Both of whom look amazing and made the workout look easy! 

Aly and I finished in 11:41 then called it a day.

I love visiting Crossfit Star Valley! If you ever get the opportunity to visit Star Valley, make sure you drop in there for a workout!! The next day they were doing a hero WOD (I have never done one before) and I really wanted to go but yard work took over and the time just didn’t work for me. (It was a rainy weekend so we had to mow and do all that jazz while we could.) Mowing that lawn at the cabin is a serious job.. (refer to first picture in this post.)

Thanks for a great time CF Star Valley!—> FB link. See you in August!

5. Plan Healthy Meals


{Halibut, green beans, and spaghetti squash}

It is really easy to eat out a lot while you are out of town. At the cabin we have a full kitchen accessible which makes it pretty easy to make our own meals. If you are staying in a hotel, see if you can at least get a mini fridge, so you can bring your own healthy snacks. Such as, greek yogurt, string cheese, apples, carrots, tuna fish, etc.


Expect not so healthy meals and enjoy it!

Vacations are meant to be exactly that. A VACATION! You spend every other day at home with a routine.. and you wont really dent your life missing one or two workouts or completely ruin your diet with one or two splurges.

My great uncle and aunt own a drive in fast food joint {the red baron} and I look forward to visiting there each time we go up to the ranch! I got a chime freeze which is a cherry and lime shake and a chicken malibu! Grilled chicken sandwich with tomato and lettuce.

It is something I always go for when I am there and love it!

We also have a night out at the fire, where we enjoy s’mores, roasted starburst and hot dogs.

There are a few of my tips to stay fit on vacation. I also have some workouts posted in my “work it out” tab at the top of the blog if you need a workout you can do anywhere with none or minimal equipment.

{More to be added soon, because I’m still working on transferring workouts to the tab that got lost when I switched blog domains.}

How do you stay fit on vacation?

Do you workout when your on vacation?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

This afternoon was spent at the pool.

If you have been following my blog for awhile you know that my kids are practically cats when it comes to water.


I did get them to get in with me and kick around but they never let go of my neck… Tanner did better then Bee today..

This was her favorite thing to do.


Now what you have been waiting for.

The winner of the #HMRbirthday giveaway is…


Congrats Carrie N. !!! You have been emailed.

*If the winner does not claim/respond with 24 hours, we will re do the computerized random drawing.

All entries were accounted for in the drawing. I was shocked how many entries there were combined.

Thank you for entering. Don’t worry.. I have a few other giveaways that are coming up sooner than later.

Why Do You Workout?


Today this was put in front of me.


A workout.


Most likely created in the depths of a fiery furnace. 

I actually love workouts like this. At the end, I feel stronger. I feel like I accomplished something near impossible. I had a goal to do 7 rounds. I was able to finish all 7 in about 37 minutes.

Running felt really good today! I decided to go with it and do an extra 5k. I decided running on the TM is good for me right now. Just for one reason… its closer to a bathroom.. haha! This baby is sitting really low and I only had to stop 2x during the 5k.


It is so hot outside already the only thing that sounded good after this sweat fest was a smoothie!


In the Mix:

  • 1 1/2 Cups of Silk Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 scoop Chocolate plant fusion protein powder
  • 1 Cup Frozen berries
  • 1 TBS. Flax seed
  • 1 Handful of spinach
  • 1/2 Cup of rolled oats.
  • Ice


At some point in the middle of my workout today, I thought to myself “why am I doing this?”

Why did every person before me, show up to do this ROUGH workout?

Why do they workout? GPP’s workouts are posted daily online, so they knew what was coming, they knew it would be hard, and they still showed up.

Through each round I came up with several reasons why I workout.

  • I workout because my health is important.
  • For my baby.
  • Because it makes me feel better mentally.
  • And Emotionally.
  • I workout so I can continue “to be.”
  • I will continue to be active as long as my life allows.
  • There is JOY and sense of accomplishment that I find in the deep pits of a hard workout.
  • An active lifestyle makes me happy.

Just like those who came and did it before me. Even if they didn’t know it. They inspired me.

You see, what I have learned at GPP the past 4 years is that we don’t workout to “lose weight” or “look good.” We don’t think of our workouts as a punishment. We are a community that thrives through understanding health through each aspect. NOT just the physical.

We do the hard stuff.


Because we love it.

GPP just looks good on.


WHY do you workout?

The weather is amazing today so we are headed to the pool!


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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Workout and Shenanigans.


Hey, Hey.

The day kind of got away from me in more then one way today.

This morning I headed to work first thing this morning to teach a boot camp class. I had them separate into two different groups and complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of each group for seven minutes followed quickly by 12x40m  high speed sprints.


It was a rough workout!It took the whole 60 minutes of class and they rocked it.

Afterward I headed straight to GPP to coach my favorite group of kids. They did a 3 minute AMRAP x4 and had fun and got a little sweaty. I had one kid show off some pretty cool pushups.

My boss and I got a laugh out of it and I’m thinking you would too.

These would be known as Australian pushups. Who knew?

The GPP workout was pretty straight forward today and every time this workout comes around I usually end up with tear on my hand from all the kipping pull ups. NOT today! This 25 week belly is not into kipping so I subbed lat pull downs instead and KB swings instead of sit ups.


This afternoon was occupied with crafts, cleaning, maybe getting my couch ruined and creating a jar of sprinkles for every season… -> All sounds random and that’s because it was. One twin lately has been a little more mischievous lately.. Ill let you guess which one.


FYI.. Sunscreen when sprayed on leather, ruins it. ugh.. Any ideas how to make this look normal again? It also got sprayed on my expensive coffee and side tables, but they seem okay.

Motherhood is so fun. I need 6 pairs of eyes.

I taught a pump class tonight, then it was time to celebrate a wedding shower! I tried to get a cute pic of the twinners today before the shower and lets just say Bee is the winner at posing lately.

These two may drive me wild sometimes, but they never cease to bring a smile to my face multiple times throughout the day. It’s actually the crazy times we will look back on and laugh at. Right?



My side of the family all came over and it was great to see all my Aunts,grandma and cousins and celebrate and meet the new soon to be addition to the family.


I love weddings! This one is going to be pretty spectacular, because my cousin is a crazy good interior decorator and designer. He has done so much in the state of Utah and has quite the eye for any type of style. Whether it be a wedding, party, or home décor.

We are opposites. I am the worst decorator on earth, and probably the most indecisive person when it comes to trying to decide what goes where and all that jazz.


We had ham sliders with provolone cheese, pasta salad and two different leafy green salads, with some fruit and of course some of the best desserts ever made. Thanks to my Aunts/Cousins for always making and contributing the best food, invitations, games etc. and just making everything really special.

If you are a mom, what is your favorite thing about being a mom?

What is your favorite kind of dessert?

Any ideas about my couch? ha! But seriously..

Have you entered my GIVEAWAY yet?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Birthday Fun


Last night was spent with family celebrating my traditional birthday festivities.

Watermelon + S’mores!


It was a great birthday! We went on a family walk,*took a nap, and just hung out with my family.


Baylee even drew Brent & I a self portrait.


Oh and if your wondering if I did laundry at all this weekend the answer is no, and those baskets are still sitting right there.

This morning I grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to work early. I coached a few classes then stayed to get my workout done for the day.


I like this workout and only had to modify the burpees a little bit- I do a strict push up from my knees instead of putting my whole body on the floor since that’s close to impossible and some reps I took the push up out completely. Ha!



I actually did 28 rounds for my 28th birthday! I was even able to coerce a few other people into the 8 extra rounds!

How else would you celebrate?

Don’t forget to enter my Birthday Giveaway! It closes on Wednesday!


Time to get the kids up and ready then off to teach a boot camp class.

Catch ya’ later! Have a great Monday!!

Tell me something fun you did this weekend!

Do you have a birthday tradition?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just A Few Of My Favorite Things: GIVEAWAY! {CLOSED}

This weekend has been fantastic so far!
Today is my Birthday, and I have been celebrating since Friday night! Ya gotta love when your Birthday falls on a weekend.
Last night, I had the perfect date night out with Brent. We just had a simple dinner at Trio in Salt Lake City and we went to see “Edge of Tomorrow.” It is rare that we get a night out with just us, so to me it was just what I needed/wanted for my Birthday!
For my Birthday this year, I want to celebrate by giving a gift to one of my readers!
You guys have always been so supportive of this little blog and I love and appreciate every single comment, tweet etc. THANK YOU!
Here are a few of my FAVORITE things I use everyday that I want to share with you.
I am obsessed with this lip gloss! It is the first thing I put on every morning and carry it around with me all day. I get compliments on it all the time. It is ultra glossy and last longer then most lip glosses do!
  • Bath & Body Works Mini Lotion
I love everything mini! I especially love bath and body works travel size lotion because I can throw it in my purse to have anytime and every where! Whenever I buy a large size lotion I hardly make it to the end and usually end up with bottles and bottles of half empty lotions. I love new scents so I guess I can also be called a lotion hoarder. Winking smileHa!
  • VICTORIA SECRET Mini Perfume
Bombshells in Bloom is my new favorite scent from Victoria Secret. As mentioned above, I love the Travel Size! I keep this in my bag at all times!
  • GPP Tank

You probably saw this one coming! As you all know I am and will always be a fan of GPP. I have been blessed to be able to work and train with some of the most amazing people I know here for the last 3 1/2  years! We recently got these new cute burn out tanks in our store and I love the bright colors! I have the blue one and absolutely love it! The fabric is a cotton poly burn out. It is a soft and comfortable tank to workout in and just for everyday wear.

I love Quest Bars. They are one of my favorite protein bars ever made. My go to flavor is the coconut cashew.

Mizuno Wave Rider 17’s are my go to running shoe! I have been running in them for the last 5 years.  I have run all my marathons/halfs in them. I have tried other brands but these never fail me. The design changes but not drastically and usually for the better. Some brands change the style of shoe to often to the point where the shoe fits completely different. Wave Riders are pretty much perfect and have enough cushion for the pushin’!
ONE reader will receive 1 Victoria Secret Lip gloss & perfume,  1 Bath and Body Works Travel Size lotion, 1 GPP tank (color of choice), 1 case of Quest Bars and 1 pair of MIZUNO Wave Riders!
To Enter:
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WINNER will be selected and posted WEDNESDAY JUNE 25,2014!