Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Hey guys! 
Sorry it's been such a long time since I last posted! 
Honestly, we updated my computer to Windows 10 and it screwed up my entire computer! Live writer is no longer compatible with Windows and I can't log into it! I'm so beyond frustrated with my computer I just gave up. I did do my last post through but none of the pictures would post.. It's so long and complicated that it almost made me want to bag blogging completely! But I can still blog from my phone pretty easily... I hope, anyway! 

I hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving, and Christmas and hope your gearing up for a new year!! 

Ours was busy and chaotic but we love being able to spend it with our families.

Here are a few pictures. 

Training last week was all over the place. I had two launches last week (new les mill releases) a lot of GPP and bootcamp classes and of course H⚡️GH class. I wrapped up the week with teaching15 total classes (I don't physically teach all of them.) and only 15 total running miles! It was crazy with Christmas but now it's a new week! I have a bit of a Christmas hangover but I totally put Christmas away on Friday and going to work today should help kick me back into routine quickly. 
Also, getting back to healthy meals after A LOT of indulgences helps me feel better as well! 

I have a lot of fun stuff coming up next year and I'm excited to share it with you all soon! 
Catch you later! 
Have a happy Monday! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Hey guys! I feel the need to check in today.

Maybe for the reason that I feel like I have neglected the blog for so long.. (HI.. the last whole year..)
Sometimes I stress myself out that I don’t blog enough and put to much pressure to do it and feel SO behind that I get anxiety! Add in all the holiday stressors and BAM. Nothing will get done ever. I just have to remember the blog will always be there (even if my followers probably wont be.. jk.. your’e all still there right?! 
I love blogging because it usually destresses me? If I am being completely honest it is having 3 little kids, working at 2 gyms, doing my own training, nutrition clients and of course the daily wife, mother, cleaning, life that I lead (and LOVE) the blog is usually the last thing on my mind anymore. Just know, that I do love blogging and I will try to put a better effort on posting more often!
This weekend was so fun and full of family parties AND Star Wars! Brent and I took this kid out on a little one on one time with mom and dad. With 3 kids it can get a little crazy so taking one out that gets 100% of our attention is beneficial to them. We all loved the movie and I highly recommend it.. Although.. Doesn’t it seem like the same movie from past ones.. ? It did have a little extra humor that I loved compared to the old Star War movies.
Saturday was my Dads family party. I have over 50 cousins and together we all have over 150 kids! Its always a little chaotic but we love it. This year my dad was in charge of the party and we decided on doing a breakfast. We had pancakes, casserole, fruit and even a few treats. We also played a few “minute to win it” games, a cute live nativity, and even Santa showed up!

Tanner and Baylee were Mary and Joseph. Can you spy them? The cutest!
This sweet lady is my Grandma Hale. She just turned 91!!! NINETY ONE! So amazing. I love her so much and so do the kids. Although, I’m not to sure how she feels about being called Grandma “white hair.” Ha!

Sunday was Brents Dads family party. We all enjoyed a ham dinner and opened up gifts and jammies from Grandma and Grandpa!

I also got started on our Christmas cards this weekend!… (so late..)

In other news..
I have a favorite new bar to share with you guys! G2G bars are all natural, and gluten free! They have ZERO artificial sweetners in them. They are now offering 25% OFF with the code “HUNGRY”!

I hope you guys are all having a wonderful Holiday season!

Tell me about your favorite tradition you do or have with your family?