Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Ready for Rim to Rim

OH hey.

Tomorrow I’m headed to the NORTH RIM of the GRAND CANYON!


We are sleeping at a hotel there and then at 4 AM we will start our adventure to run across the Grand Canyon!


Yesterday I took the night off from blogging because I …

1. Ran out of time

2. Had the best/longest massage in my life.

My friend Alison is a massage therapist, and seriously one of my best friends. In the 3-4 years that I have known her I have never had a massage from her.. I have to admit, I think we took our friendship to a new level last night.. My massage lasted two hours+ and she was very good about asking if I was good, letting me breathe, teaching me to relax, and worked out several tight areas of my body, specifically my shoulders, hips and hamstrings. If you want an amazing massage email me and I’ll get you her contact info

I’ve been babying my hip for the last two weeks or so.. I tend to get a bout of bursitis in my hips during the spring so I wanted to give it a little TLC before heading out to tackle the grand canyon..

It feels a little better but may have to fight it a bit still.

Anyway. Today I have spent running errands getting everything packed and ready to go!


Here are a few things that I will be carrying with me in my water backpack! I have a variety of food, electrolyte supplements, sunscreen and I got a few essentials just to have in my travel bag such as deodorant, face wash and gum.

WHY?  Baby food!!? I love baby food when it comes to endurance events. They digest easily, (no runner gut!) and are a great source of carb and glucose! Not to mention cheaper, better tasting and more natural ingredients then any GU.


Coco GO! This is awesome! Its actually coconut water in powder form! Which provide electrolytes to your system. I will be running for hours in heat ( says it will be 97 degrees!) So electrolytes will be important!


I have never used FIZZ but they came highly recommended. Why not?


Honey stinger waffles and chews!

Advil, TUMS, fruit leathers… and


Quest bars


Shot blocks and some HAMMER Recoverite to down afterward.

I will also made my own fries and will have a pb and jelly sandwich or two. We should be carrying about 3,000-3,500 calories on us. It has been a bit tricky to figure out what fuel to bring. My stomach has a tendency to not be friend during trips like this… hence the TUMS… I think I’ve got it figured out though!

Runner friends: Do you have anything you like to bring on long endurance events?

I have been researching, reading and planning for this trip for months! I am excited to finally go tackle it and mark it off the bucket list.

I am going with a group of crazy girls.. aka my friends. We are bound to have one heck of a time. Run or Walk. Either way, this will be an experience of a lifetime!!!

We will be running North to South. Its just over 21 miles.

I have had this weird itch to attempt Rim to Rim to RIM! It would be about 45 miles at the end. Depending on how we feel will determine that idea…

We each shipped a small bag to a hotel on the south end and by small I mean only a 1 gallon ziploc bag with some necessity stuff and by that I mean, the BARE necessities in it… I was able to fit my pajamas, toothbrush and flip flops in the bag. 

The next day there is a shuttle that we can pay for to take us back to the other side (4 hour drive). Depending on what we end up doing… we may run back, who knows.

I tend to fly at the seat of my pants sometimes.

Life is adventure. Lets go live it.

What is your favorite snack?

Any R2R out there with any advice??

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Man hands and a Birthday.


Todays workout left me with some awesome hands.


I call these man hands.

Guess what? I am proud of them. They remind me of my dads hands. He works in construction and his hands are usually pretty rough and callused. The are proof of his hard work and determination through the years. I guess I see them as just that.

Here is the workout today.



HSPU are a goat of mine, I can kip them but fall forward after a couple. I want to do them strict. I blame my long monkey arms. Not really a good excuse though..

Pull-ups- I recently have started practicing butterfly pull-ups, training my brain to switch from a kip motion to a butterfly is proving to be difficult. I got four in a row..

Double unders- My longest string today was 82 today! 


Before the workout, I had some oatmeal for breakfast- like everyday.. but this time I took a shot at ZOATS.

I have seen these on instagram and was skeptical. Zucchini in oatmeal? Weird.

I finely shredded the zucchini and made it normally. (Posted recipe for this hot mess on Instagram.)


Looks, gross. I KNOW.. but it was actually really good! The zucchini made it a little more water then I normally like so next time I will cook it in less water.

For lunch I made a some eggs scrambled with spinach and some sweet potato drenched in protein PB2 + cinnamon! The cinnamon was a awesome addition. By far the highlight of the meal!

It rained for the most of the day…

I was able to get a few errands done and a bunch of stuff around the house done while the kiddos napped.


Later I headed boot camp at Golds, and then to a local Chinese restaurant to celebrate this guy.



It was my dads birthday on Saturday, but he was out of town so we celebrated today!! He looks like he is still 30. I hope I inherit that ageless gene..

T & B couldn’t get enough chow mien.


It was nice to have the family together to celebrate my dads birthday!

Flashback photo.

I love you dad. Happy Birthday Grandpa!



Have you tried Zoats?

What is your favorite Chinese dish?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013


Happy Memorial Day!!

I hope you are all having a great holiday!

Mine started at GPP with a HIT THE DECK workout! Those that were at BLEND probably remember this well?  Except this time we used a pinochle deck!! So there were no reps lower then 9…


We had a fun group turn out for the chaos!! We were all nice and sweaty after!

ACE of SPADES times 2!!!! Spades = BURPEES!

Workout was fueled by some Protein PB&J oats with some coconut shreds!


So delicious! This has become my staple breakfast as of lately!

After GPP I headed straight to the park to meet my fam! Our city has a big memorial day celebration, a fun family 5k, flag ceremony and breakfast!

We can’t forget about the helicopter! Tanner was SO excited! The helicopter flew over our heads a few times and then landed in the middle of the park. Tanner ran right for it! Yelling at me to hurry up!

He was in heaven!

He got to look inside and listen to the pilot talk all aobut

Sun was a little bright though.Winking smile

Breakfast was served!

Pancakes, eggs and ham for the win!


After the festivities at the park I headed back to the gym for boot camp. We did multiple tabatas.

16 rounds of each group, Alternating every 20 seconds within the 10 second rest.

Heavy back squats---> Jump Squats

Push ups----> OH press

Box jumps-----> Burpees

Power switch lunges----> straight legs dead lifts

Bicep Curls---> Tricep Dips



It was a fun workout and went by quick!

Thanks Dusti!

After the gym, we headed up to the cemetery to bring some flowers to our loved ones.

My mom, Grandpa and Great Grandma are all buried in the same cemetery.


Miss her.




There was a guy playing the bagpipes!


It was past due for lunch by the time we got home, so I quickly heated up some chicken, sweet tater and broccoli and diced half an avocado and ate it out of a tupperware in true Candice fashion.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fishing & Fun

Memorial Weekend is a little different this year. We usually head to our family ranch with the extended family to mow, paint, fix fences etc. and this this is the first memorial weekend since forever that I haven’t gone!

Last night we decided to take the kids to bountiful pond for their first fishing experience.


Tanner ever caught his first… er. Tire.


It was a beautiful night on the lake! The kids had a great time seeing all the pelicans and ducks swimming and waddling around!


This morning I actually taught some of the new Body pump 86!


I had a piece of toast with banana and almond butter for fuel to fire through it.

There are a lot of new movements introduced in this release.

Including this one..


You know that one movement people don’t love to do on their own? In a group setting it is pretty fun. Winking smile

Would you like me to do an entire review on new releases??

B and T got to come to work today because dad headed up to Bear lake to help put a sprinkling system in for his dad.

They had a little fun with the kettle bells. Winking smile

After pump, my friend Melissa and I headed to Lulu and hung out at whole foods.


Whole foods had a bounce house that the kids couldn’t pass up with without taking a turn.


They had a blast! It wasn’t long until my stomach was growling! I was starving! We headed straight home and it took me 2.2 to inhale this oatmeal!


SOOO good!

Now, its time to actually finish up on chores around the house… which may or may not include the playroom. eek.

What are your plans for memorial weekend?

What is a movement that you consider a little embarrassing at the gym?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I’m a Baller

This is one of my favorite snacks! Especially as an afternoon pick me up. They are healthy, yet taste almost like a truffle. Perfectly sweet and melt in your mouth! If you have a bit of a sweet tooth you will LOVE these!

This is a re-post from my previous blog!


Need a quick pre-workout snack? or something sweet? 

{Make Balls}


inspired by fitnessista

2 Tbs. Chocolate Protein Powder

2 Tbs Almond Butter

2 Tbs unsweetened coconut flakes (I used bobs red mill)

1 Tbs. Pure Maple Syrup

pinch of cinnamon

Simply put all ingredients into small food processor

mix er up and form into balls.

Peanut Butter Cup 

2 Tbs. Chocolate whey protein

2 Tbs White chocolate Peanut Butter (I use PB&Co.)

2 Tbs of Old fashion oats

1 Tbs Agave Nectar

{Repeat process above}

These balls don’t last long around my house! They are so simple and its fun to play around and experiment with different flavors by adding extracts, nuts, chia seeds, etc!

Give them a try!!

Make up your very own flavor! What would you make??

Are you a baller?