Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keeping up with the kar…..twins.


Life with twins can get a little crazy sometimes.

When I was pregnant and I told people that I was having twins they would smirk and laugh and give some warning that made it sound like I was in for it.

I didn’t take them seriously, I mean, I worked in a busy pediatric dental office. I was used to the shuffle and the juggle of multiple kids at once. Consider myself pro.

Then the twins were born. I had a system down to a capital T. I even thought back to all those other mothers that warned and laughed at me and thought to myself, HA! I got this. What were they even talking about? Twins are easy.


Fast forward two years later…

I know what they were laughing at, and honestly I just have to sit back and laugh at it too.

For example: Today, while I was sorting laundry upstairs, B & T were down stairs playing with some trains and I came down to granola cereal all over my front room! In my couch, rug, and hardwood floor! I came down because I didn’t understand why they were yelling “PARTY” at the top of their lungs.

Apparently, they thought the granola was not in fact cereal, but confetti.


As I got the vacuum and started to clean up the “party.” I noticed some lovely art work on our new leather couches.

Double awesome.

I brought the twins over and asked who did it and Tanner stepped forward SO proudly and exclaimed “MOM, I drew da circle-ies ALL by myself!!”


I was mad, but I just looked at him and laughed. I’m even laughing at it now. His face was so funny and he was so excited that he drew circles with no help from me.

I explained we only draw on paper, and that it is bad to draw on the couch. He said sorry, and I got to work cleaning it up. This wasn’t my first time cleaning marker off the couch.. nothing a little aerosol hairspray can’t take care of!


Worked like a charm!

Needless to say, we took the “party” outside for the rest of the afternoon.



Bee changes her outfit multiple times a day. Leopard beanies are all the rage.

We had a late lunch before naptime.

Two eggs, sweet potato, asparagus, spinach, and peppers.


Quick and easy!

Workouts today:

GPP this morning:



I PR’d with a #135 Jerk! It was actually more of a 2 rep.. I failed the 3rd.

My first attempt for 3, I actually failed the second rep. Then power cleaned it and got it up 2x! Maybe if I wouldn’t of wasted energy on the clean I would have had it.. who knows?

I tried again but no dice.

Next time…

I taught body pump tonight also. It felt good to teach it again, since I missed it on Saturday because I was sick, and I will be missing the next two Saturdays as well, due to races and Blend.

I saw this video floating around Facebook today and thought it was pretty cool! This chick, recorded herself running the Boston Marathon, LOST her camera and then 3 weeks later someone returned the camera to her and then she finished running the marathon with her sister!

I loved it.

Any other PR’s today?

What is your next race coming up?

Kids are fun. Right?!


Its time to party.