Monday, May 13, 2013

Moms Day Re-cap!

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I got back from the Red Rock Relay yesterday, just in time to drop off my bags at home and head out the door to the family parties we had lined up for the day.

First up:

My dads house! He had grilled steak and chicken with all the fixings. I had two hungry kiddos so I wasn’t able to snap any pictures of my meal. I’m not allowed to touch the camera with BBQ sauce all over my hands. 

My sister is pregnant and revealed the gender of her baby yesterday!


The frosting in the center shows the gender….


Cutting the cake..




Tanner is excited for a cousin! I’m so excited for them boys are fun! They obviously LOVE taking pictures.. Here are my attempts of getting a mothers day picture with the twins..

Take one.


Take two.


Take three.


He was a little to interested in feeding the chickens.


We had fun just hanging out with all the siblings!


After my family party we headed to my MIL



My son is a chicken whisperer… They loved him and eventually started pecking rice off of his plate..


He loved it!

My MIL had an entire mexican spread!

Shredded pork, dip, tortillas, homemade café rio dressing and rice!


I was still full from my dads house but made quick taco salad.


We ended up just chatting the night away with the fam.

I had a great mothers day! It was fun to celebrate with my step-mom and MIL. They are big examples to me in my life and I’m grateful to have them in my life.

Mothers day is usually a little rough for me, I love and miss her so much!! My mom passed away in 2005 and it was a rough year for me. Some days you just need your mom.

Candices mom - IMG_0385

I’m lucky enough to have so many motherly examples in my life supporting me though!

Alright, moving on..

I’ll get a race recap up asap! I had such a great time!

Here is to a GREAT week!

What did you get your mom for Mothers day?

Do you have a Mothers day tradition?