Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fishing & Fun

Memorial Weekend is a little different this year. We usually head to our family ranch with the extended family to mow, paint, fix fences etc. and this this is the first memorial weekend since forever that I haven’t gone!

Last night we decided to take the kids to bountiful pond for their first fishing experience.


Tanner ever caught his first… er. Tire.


It was a beautiful night on the lake! The kids had a great time seeing all the pelicans and ducks swimming and waddling around!


This morning I actually taught some of the new Body pump 86!


I had a piece of toast with banana and almond butter for fuel to fire through it.

There are a lot of new movements introduced in this release.

Including this one..


You know that one movement people don’t love to do on their own? In a group setting it is pretty fun. Winking smile

Would you like me to do an entire review on new releases??

B and T got to come to work today because dad headed up to Bear lake to help put a sprinkling system in for his dad.

They had a little fun with the kettle bells. Winking smile

After pump, my friend Melissa and I headed to Lulu and hung out at whole foods.


Whole foods had a bounce house that the kids couldn’t pass up with without taking a turn.


They had a blast! It wasn’t long until my stomach was growling! I was starving! We headed straight home and it took me 2.2 to inhale this oatmeal!


SOOO good!

Now, its time to actually finish up on chores around the house… which may or may not include the playroom. eek.

What are your plans for memorial weekend?

What is a movement that you consider a little embarrassing at the gym?