Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been leaving you hanging on this re-cap for a few days. Last nigh, I had a meeting for my next race: RIM to RIM! I didn’t get home till super late and decided to hit the sack.

But wait no longer!


If you want to hear about our adventure on the way down there, check out Janethas re-cap!

We may or may not of missed the exit….

We left Friday afternoon and got there just in time to help with Registration! Our good friend Katie runs the show and asked us to help get everyone checked in and get each team all their info and cool swag.

This is a 6 person relay, covering 70 miles of pavement. We each had two legs to run.

I was the first runner, so I went to bed to be sure I was ready for my run bright and early! Our start time was 7:30, I ate my oatmeal breakfast at approximately 7:20… Probably not the brightest idea but I’m the type of person that has to have some sort of fuel before I run.


I was off! I sure felt that oatmeal the first 3 or so miles.. but overall I felt awesome and completed the 7.57 miles in just over an hour.

While I was running, the roads were narrow, there wasn’t a lot o room for van support so my girls got to work on decorating the Barbie Vehicle.

They did a fantastic job. Don’t you think?

We are known as the GPP Barbies of the relay. Same as last year.

By the end of my leg, the girls were having a complete dance party.DSC_0490




After a few more runs I was up again! This time was a short distance but a climb the whole way!

I was more nervous for this leg then my first. It was STEEP! It was also a bajillion degrees out and the heat alone was a killer.

When it was over.. IT WAS OVER! I was toast by the end. I looked forward to cheering on the girls and enjoying the views.


I did get a little sunburn… oops!

To run through the finish we got all dressed up in our barbie gear. I was Malibu Barbie..







The race was awesome with this group of girls! We all had such a fun time!

I’m a huge fan of the one day relays! You don’t have to sleep in the car or on the grass on the side of the road. Its awesome!! If you have done a two day relay before you know what I’m talking about… Winking smile

Most of these pics were taken by “photo shoot barbie”! She is pro and  did a great job capturing every moment of the race. Check out her website at!


Do you like RELAYS?

When you do a relay are you competitive with it or in it for fun?