Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blend 2013 Recap #1

Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend!

Mine was spent up in Park City, UT with a bunch of cool peeps who do cool stuff like workout and take pictures of food like me. We are a special breed. But hey, we are awesome.



This was my first blogger retreat! I have been wanting to go to one since I started blogging and when Janetha told me it was going to be in Park City (close to home) I was so excited! I signed up DAY 1 of registration!

I am so glad I did. This weekend was amazing. I met so many wonderful and influential women that share common interests. I loved every moment of it. Janetha, Katie, and Lindsay throw a pretty epic party.

I’m going to share a few highlights from the weekend real quick!

Friday night started with a fun little cocktail party. I finally got out of spandex and put on some real human clothes! It was so easy to talk to these girls that I have only known through this crazy blog world. I loved meeting them in real life.

After the cocktail party we moved right into dinner! I was a semi pro blogger this weekend and only took pics with my I phone. I’m not sorry.


Dinner was buffet style! I was impressed and full by the end of the night! I piled on some halibut, chicken, roasted vegetables and a salad onto my plate! It was an amazing meal!

There were a few different desserts out and I sampled a little bit of each of my friends plate and ended up with this tasty little piece of heaven.

After dinner we just talked and mingled and hung out in a photo booth and pretty much just played around for the night! We headed up to the room semi early because we had a 6 am wake up call for boot camp that was scheduled at 7 am.


GPP was a sponsor for the weekend and led the boot camps throughout the weekend. I was able to take part and help Neil lead the workouts each day!

We did two different workouts with them. Saturday morning started with 10 m sprints and went straight into “HIT THE DECK.”

Sunday’s workout consisted of a medley of across the floor drills and OTC (On Trainers Count) movements. I was impressed with how FIT that group was! I know they are all fitness peeps and most workout daily. They held their own and had an amazing time!

Here are a few pics over the two workouts!




Miss United States- Whitney Hall even got to hang out and sweat with us over the weekend! She was there representing onnit.



We were all a sweaty hot mess by the end of the hour. I’m convinced there is no better way to start your day then with a workout!

I’m going to break my re-cap into a few different post! I have so much to talk about and share!

Be back a little later to talk about other blend shenanigans!

How do you start your day?

And don’t say “by taking a pee.” --- that’s a given!Winking smile