Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Don’t “Should” on Yourself

Hey guys!!

Hope your week got off to a great start! I know mine did!

Thank you for all your love and support of my little bloggy!


Welcome new readers!! Hope you pull up a chair and stay awhile, because I’m human and do stupid stuff sometimes and then tell the world all about it.

Yesterdays workout consisted of pull-ups, bent rows, and bicep curls.



I hit a PR on my bent rows! #145!

Here is a video of the set I did right before with #135


After the workout the kiddos and I headed to Costco to restock after our Moab vacation! I took my post workout meal with me to the gym and ate it in the parking lot.. without a fork… Have you tried to eat a poached egg or 2 without a fork?


Costco seemed to have gotten a few new products in stock since the last time I was there. It took all my will power not to walk out without these.

Dark chocolate coconut covered almonds! Yes, please!

I did however walk out with 78 oz. of my favorite coconut oil.


This cost $21.99. It seems a bit pricey but in comparison to purchasing it at another store you get more bang for your buck!

Something I almost left without…


I lost my child.

T and B have gotten to the age where they want to walk… I can no longer keep them contained in the carts. They are both really good at keeping up with me and staying by the cart or riding on the side of it.

When I got up to the check out, bee and T both helped put stuff up on the register. I paid, looked down and T was the only one there. Bee was GONE. I didn’t freak out right away, because maybe she just wandered a little bit away. Tanner is usually my wanderer and even if they do wander they go together! The girl at the register looked at me and said she was just right there… I looked down a couple aisles and she was MIA. The girl at the register, notified the person at the exit and EVERY single employee in the store to stop what they were doing and look for her. {Guess they have done this before…}

That is when I started to panic! I had Tanner in my arms and frantically started looking down every aisle, towards the exit, in the food court, back to the clothes by the dresses, everywhere! It was a good 5-7 minutes before someone found her! I haven’t ever been so scared in my life. Lesson learned. Two year olds go in the cart. I don’t even know where she went, I was just happy to have her back in my arms.

I felt guilty. I should of kept my eye on her better, I should of just made her sit in the cart, I should of just waited till Brent was home and went with him..

My BIL says it best “You should never SHOULD on yourself.”

I made a mistake, it happens. It was the first time and it probably won’t be the last time I misplace a child.

But putting myself through that stress of thinking of everything I just SHOULD of done, does nothing. I am a good mom and sometimes things will happen that I can’t control. We live and learn. We are human. I involved the staff, I searched and searched for her, asked everyone that was next to me, asked people throughout the store, Bee knows not to go with strangers, she knows my name if someone found her. Thankfully, she was okay and no harm was done.

“Shoulding” on yourself will only stress you out more. Look what you did right and don’t forget you are doing the best you can.

We all got home safe and I got right to work on lunch

About an hour later I whipped out a peanut butter and chia-jelly snack.


Headed back to the gym to teach a boot camp and Body Pump class!

Both classes went great and left everyone in a hot mess..

Time for some R&R!!

Maybe I actually SHOULD of bought those chocolate almonds..

I will have another GIVEAWAY posted later today!

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Have you ever “misplaced” your child?

What is something you “should” on yourself about? Can you turn it positive?