Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I love my blends.

This weekend at the blend retreat was awesome because of the people! I even got a chance to hang out with a few bloggers before heading up to the Hyatt for the weekend!

I picked up Meg from the airport on Thursday, which wasn’t planned but I was SO excited to meet her because I have followed her blog for a long time. I took her to do a GPP workout and on a tour of SLC.



We stayed up chatting till midnight. We have so much in common.. We probably could talk non-stop!

T & B even LOVED her!! When I got home on Sunday they kept asking where she was!


photo 4

Pics from Megs IG!

After I got done at work we went to get some pedicures with a  few other bloggers! Amanda, Maren and Amber!

Fancy Toes!

photo 3

After pedicures we headed to GPP to tackle a workout together!


photo 1

These girls were TOUGH! It was fun to finally meet and sweat with these girls!

I’ll never forget last weekend! It was great to make connections and meet new faces!