Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hills, Hair and This and That


Hey guys! Hope you all had an amazing Thursday!

Mine started off with a early morning wake up call. 4:15 AM to be exact. I have been out of the early morning loop for a while. ANY alarm in the 4 o’clock hour is usually a little rough any day of the week. But this morning I popped right up!

I made it to GPP by 4:45 to coach the 5 AM class. I thought I would be so tired but the kills and tocks of the morning kept me going and I felt great!

I even made time for a little run today, I have not been running hills lately. I guess you can say running flat and I have been pretty good friends lately. This weekend I am running Red Rock Relay with this chick and some of my best friends. I have two legs and guess what?! They are both an UPHILL climb! I’m going to die. Okay, probably not. But its going to be 90+ degrees and climbing throughout the day.. So if the uphill running doesn’t do me  in, the temperature surely will.

I got two good runs at this today.


I ran up it, then down, then back up. It doesn’t look to bad in the picture but I promise, my calves will be feeling it tomorrow! It was about 4 miles round trip,I didn’t wear my garmin so it’s a guess.

Hills and Heat…I am excited regardless! The race is in MOAB! I did it last year and loved it! One day relays are where ‘at! You run sun up to sun down and don’t have to worry about sleeping and pooping and all that drama that hits the fan come 4am! Just costumes and running in hot pink stilettos!


It was another beautiful day which called for another picnic in the backyard!


He likes “Cars” can you tell??

During the kids naps today, I got a babysitter and left to get my hair done!

I HAVE SO much HAIR. Really.. She had to go mix more hair product 3 different times.

BUT I loved how it turned out!

I LOVE getting my hair done!! I totally don’t have to wash it for at least a week now.

Just kidding.. I already sweated in it. A gym I used to work at just launched GRIT, I was curious about it and went to check it out. We did the Cardio portion of it outside. I got sweaty and it was fun, but I’m still up in the air about it. It consisted of sprints, push-ups, squats, Les Mills “Burpees” and lateral jumping. Anyone try GRIT yet?

I came home made a protein shake and now enjoying a protein microwave muffin.

I didn’t measure this out, but combined some pumpkin, cinnamon, egg whites, liquid stevia and 1 TBS of coconut flour! Then topped it with some of my protein PB2 sauce!

Cute little owl lookin’ at you!

I’m off to PACK, then hit the sack!

How often do you wash your hair?

Anyone else have a race this weekend?? Tell me about it!

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