Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Man hands and a Birthday.


Todays workout left me with some awesome hands.


I call these man hands.

Guess what? I am proud of them. They remind me of my dads hands. He works in construction and his hands are usually pretty rough and callused. The are proof of his hard work and determination through the years. I guess I see them as just that.

Here is the workout today.



HSPU are a goat of mine, I can kip them but fall forward after a couple. I want to do them strict. I blame my long monkey arms. Not really a good excuse though..

Pull-ups- I recently have started practicing butterfly pull-ups, training my brain to switch from a kip motion to a butterfly is proving to be difficult. I got four in a row..

Double unders- My longest string today was 82 today! 


Before the workout, I had some oatmeal for breakfast- like everyday.. but this time I took a shot at ZOATS.

I have seen these on instagram and was skeptical. Zucchini in oatmeal? Weird.

I finely shredded the zucchini and made it normally. (Posted recipe for this hot mess on Instagram.)


Looks, gross. I KNOW.. but it was actually really good! The zucchini made it a little more water then I normally like so next time I will cook it in less water.

For lunch I made a some eggs scrambled with spinach and some sweet potato drenched in protein PB2 + cinnamon! The cinnamon was a awesome addition. By far the highlight of the meal!

It rained for the most of the day…

I was able to get a few errands done and a bunch of stuff around the house done while the kiddos napped.


Later I headed boot camp at Golds, and then to a local Chinese restaurant to celebrate this guy.



It was my dads birthday on Saturday, but he was out of town so we celebrated today!! He looks like he is still 30. I hope I inherit that ageless gene..

T & B couldn’t get enough chow mien.


It was nice to have the family together to celebrate my dads birthday!

Flashback photo.

I love you dad. Happy Birthday Grandpa!



Have you tried Zoats?

What is your favorite Chinese dish?