Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Windocalypse 2011

This morning we were waken up from strong winds that were banging on our windows! The news gave us fair warning about the wind last night so we were able to “batten down the hatches.”
Then around 11:00 am I went out to get the mail and there was no wind..? I figured it was over.. Then I turned on the news to see that a state of emergency was issued in the city just 5 miles away from us!
Brent tried to go to the gym earlier and it was closed due to no power! The wind storm knocked out power to over 50,000 people today! It may not be back for 48 hours! Schools were all canceled and even into tomorrow! Semis blown over on the freeway, major damage everywhere!
Luckily, we have had power at our house all day! The wind picked back up pretty strong at our house about 5 ish.. and still going strong! The wind has been as fast as 102 mph! Fences blown over, HUGE trees uprooted, shingles everywhere.. and I’m pretty sure nobody can find there own garbage can..Its CRAZY!!
Check out some of these pictures!

This is at my MIL house! My dad had a tree fall and break his patio roof!

Garage doors—these pictures and more can be found here

"You can bet I blew right past this one!"
So… due to the hurricane type weather, all gym classes were cancelled because there is no power at the gym... (Day off work) I would usually celebrate.. but I kind of sort of love my job!
Without anywhere to go safely.. we stayed home pretty much ALL day!! And I cleaned up after my two little windstorms!

This is what happened while I was in the shower for 10 minutes! I won’t fail to mention that I just got done cleaning and vacuuming my entire upstairs… sigh. A mothers work is never done.. neeeeeever……
but they are pretty cute…

while eating spaghetti.. (that’s just a whole new mess in itself)
The gym stayed closed all day, so I took my day off and did my own little workout at home!
I studied Body Attack 75, LOVE IT!! Also completed this quick workout in the comfort of my own living room.
Windocalypse Workout
  • 25 squats
  • 25 burpees with 4 pushups at the bottom of each burpee
  • 25 sit ups
  • 25 backward stepping lunges Right
  • 25 backward stepping lunges Left
  • 25 sit ups
  • 25 burpees with 4 pushups at the bottom of each burpee
  • 25 squats
  • 300 jump ropes
  • X2!!
Phew!! I was a sweaty mess!! I even was able to get it done while the babies were down for their nap. I should of timed it but I didn’t if I had to guess I would think about 25 minutes.
If you try it let me know! It’s a tough one! Set your timer and go as fast as you can! I’m pretty sure I’ll be sore from all those push ups!
Bad news: Earlier today I received a text from my FIL that Brents g-pa was taken to the hospital because he was coughing up blood.  I got updates throughout the day and I am truly sad to report that he passed away about an hour ago. He was an amazing man and was always fun to talk to because he had so many great stories to share.

I never mentioned because I like to keep the blog a positive place but my nana actually passed away last week also.

Losing two grandparents within 1 week is a little rough. Life is so precious and sometimes we don’t realize it until you have to watch and just wait for their life to come to an end. I am grateful for my faith and knowledge that I will get to see them again. Because families are forever.
Sorry for such a downer post today but that’s just life right now. Tomorrow is a new day! Hopefully,this wind won’t cause to much more damage!
Off to cuddle my babes!
Q. What is the craziest storm you have ever experienced?
This pretty much tops the list! It’s the most damage I have ever seen in my little hometown!


  1. That storm did look crazy! Your home workout looked awesome!

  2. HA HA!! I about ran that SAME stop sign on my way to work today!! CRAZY STUFF. I still didn't have power at my place this morning and haven't been home all day to know if I have it yet or not. I'm hoping so. Glad you all were safe and sound. It was definately a storm of the century.....unlike Last years "Storm" ha ha

  3. Gah, glad the storm didn't directly hit y'all- even if you have two of your own person windstorms :P We had a biggg snow storm a couple of years ago that was AWFUL- my flights kept getting delayed/ cancelled, my train broke down, and DC shut down for days... Not hoping for a repeat this winter!