Monday, December 5, 2011

December Goals

Good Morning!! I started this morning off with this workout. I warmed up on the bike for about 20 minutes before tackling that beast. My hamstrings are  ALWAYS sore after those SLD. Tomorrow should be fun. It feels good to get up early again for a workout! Lately my A.M workouts have taken a backseat.. Cold weather, late nights, no goal motivation(races) to work for= Lazy Candice. Although, I have been getting my workouts in they have just been more of an afternoon thing.
I came home and made a quick egg scramble
4 egg whites + 1 yolk, tomato, spinach, yellow onion and mushrooms
Today we have the funeral to celebrate Brent’s grandfathers life so I’ll be quick

In order for me to get through this season I am going to plan out some goals I want to work on to keep me motivated. Last months challenges were awesome! And I did pretty well with sticking with them! Although I did miss 3 or 4 days of KB swings. Overall, I think I did pretty well!
December Goals!
1. Drink more WATER!! I used to be really good at this.. The past couple of weeks I have been lacking and I can feel and see the difference of not staying hydrated.
2. Get back in the pool! I miss the water and need to commit to swimming at least once a week! Even if it is 10 degrees outside.
3. Take a yoga class! NEED. I always put off stretching and end up regretting it when it comes down to an injury. I know how important it is to stretch to actually prevent injury.. and I think it will give me the “slow down” time my mind and body need during the holiday season.
4. Christmas Cards- We got our family pictures on Saturday. Lets just hope one turned out! So I can get them addressed and in the mail!
Q. What is one of your goals for December?


  1. I'm sorry to hear about both of the deaths in your family...You inspire me. One of my goals this month is to eat better! I would love to try some of your recipes. I can tell a difference in my energy and my workouts based on what I've been putting into my body.