Monday, December 19, 2011

holiday weekend recap

On Saturday my family had the annual Hale Christmas party. I love my family and I’m very close to all my cousins, aunts and uncles. I love that we do this every year. And it is getting bigger and bigger every year!
My family always knows how to have a good time.
We started with dinner before breaking out the festivities.
I filled my plate with turkey, veggies, variety of different salads, orange roll and a white roll with raspberry butter. ->homemade rolls are amazing! B helped eat my plate so you know I went back for seconds! After our bellies were full, it was time for entertainment.
Courtesy of buddy the elf.
aka. My dad!!!!
He stayed in character the entire time. It was hilarious.
We played a few minute to win it games.
Hanging ornaments
With your partner or significant other you had to hang 3 ornaments on string without using your hands.
The 2nd game you had to hold a string in you mouth with a red puff ball on the end, put Vaseline on your nose and you have to flip the red puff up to stick to your nose without using your hands.
The 3rd game you tied a tissue box full of ornaments around your waist and you have to shake your booty. First one to empty the box wins!
IMG_5172[2]Shake shake shake!!
The 4th game I didn’t get a picture of but they had to put a gingersnap cookie on their face and get it in their mouth without using your hands.
These games are sure to make you laugh till you cry!!
Then we had a special visitor!
B wouldn’t sit on Santa's lap but after a minute she warmed up to him.
T wasn’t to sure but was happy to get a gift.
We had a good time hanging out with our cousins!
This morning I got a quick 5 mile run in before heading over to GPP to complete this workout. - I love team workouts!
For breakfast I just had some egg scramble with butt load of vegetables.
5 egg whites, some yellow pepper, green pepper, green beans, onion, avocado and tomato.
Perfect start to a Monday!!!
Last night I made some whole grain-
 white chocolate cranberry cookies!
---->Recipe will be up later today!
Q. Do you like team workouts?
Q. What is your favorite “Minute to win it” game?


  1. What a fun celebration!!! Your dad looks so awesome! The games sound hilarious. Yayyy for cookies

  2. Buddy(your dad) was hilarious. "Santa!..I know him!"