Friday, October 31, 2014

Hoppy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! I hope you guys all have a fun filled day today like we do!

I wanted to drop in quick today and give you something to sweat too before we hit the festivities.

Hoppy Halloween will take you all but 22 minutes. Get after it today, it is a fun one!


Here are a few of the demo movements.

For Halloween this year, I told my kids all about the Halloween Goblin.


If they put there candy out on the front porch the Halloween Goblin comes and takes it and replaces it with a prize!

It helps lower their candy consumption and saves me the battle of trying to talk them out of NOT eating all their candy in one sitting .Winking smile

Maybe if anyone else has that same issue you can adopt the Halloween Goblin too!


Have a great day!

What is your favorite Halloween Candy?