Monday, October 6, 2014

I Need A Weekend Re-do

Happy Monday!

T-minus 4 days to my due date!

The anticipation of welcoming our new addition is causing a lot of excitement around here.

I feel like I have a thousand and one things to do before Friday morning comes.

This last weekend was meant to be productive and FUN! We had the best intentions to make the best out of our last weekend as a family of four. We wanted to enjoy and or spoil our time with Tanner and Baylee before they get a little shock in their life, by having to share their Mom and Dad with somebody else. Which I think they will adjust just fine. I just wanted to make the best of it.

Friday started out with plans to visit a pumpkin patch that has a lot of fun festivities going on with my sisters and their cousins. As we were driving out there we hit KILLER traffic and being at least 30 minutes away from our destination sans traffic we decided to detour to a different location.

We decided on Gardner Village. Which is a cute shopping spot that decks OUT for Halloween and has witches and pumpkins all around. We danced, ate taffy and Baylee even got her faced painted.




We still had a good time with my sisters and kiddos.

Afterwards we met up with Brent as soon as he got off work for a little Barbacoa.

Barbacoa is kind of like a mix of Costa Vida and Café Rio and they have  carrots in their salads. Weird.. but good. I actually like the chicken and the fact they have brown rice for their salads and burritos.

At Barbacoa I was having contractions and was not feeling very good. I was hoping it was labor.. We went home and I laid down and the contractions stopped around 9 pm.

Then all crap hit the fan around midnight when Bee woke up and threw up multiple times. That morning.. I threw up. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day in bed.


Funny to think I almost made it my entire pregnancy without throwing up… Doesn’t help my stomach is pretty much shoved up in my chest.. ugh. Luckily Baylee felt instantly better after her “episodes.” Then sadly Brent joined me that afternoon.. Our idea of a fun weekend turned into our kids fending for themselves. Ha!

Lets just say all my “nesting” needs to start over now. Winking smile

Sunday I woke up feeling better but just weak. We did make it out for a quick grocery shopping trip and a walk. I even got to break out my new running stroller!


I ended up deciding on this duo for this new babe. Totally affordable and a great deal for a car seat and running stroller.

I love the stroller so far. It has some great features, including a genius cell phone holder.


I am glad we had a semi fun Friday, but I am bummed we missed out on a bunch of activities we had planned for the twinners and I had to miss out on teaching my LAST Saturday body pump class.. unless I teach tomorrow… Winking smile 

Next weekend we will have THREE kids and I cannot wait.

I’ll be posting my birth plan soon for those that have asked. Nothing exciting or natural about it Winking smile 

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Congrats to all those bloggers and friends that ran the Saint George Marathon!!

Tell me something fun about your weekend?