Friday, October 24, 2014

Quick Friday Thoughts

We had an early morning today.

Thanks to these boys.


It was a perfect fall day for a walk.


When there are days like this.

You take full advantage.


Dance is a huge part of this little girls life and she can’t get enough.


I ordered this boba wrap to help carry Roen around.


Going to and from places during the week just got a little easier. It is so soft and comfy. I’m actually currently wearing it without Roen.. Ill do a full review a bit later. I have never used a wrap before so when I went shopping (online) I took a few things into consideration.

Price. Comfort. Safety.

I read a lot of reviews on amazon and ordered the Boba.

We also had a few Doctor appointments today that we all actually lived through. The twins had there flu mist and they did great! Then Roe had his heel pricked.. (saddest thing ever)

This little guy is TWO weeks old today!


Now, its time for the weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend?