Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Roens Birth Story



This birth story is a little different than most because I went with a scheduled C-section. If you have ever had a scheduled birth rather you were induced or had a c-section than you know that it takes the guessing game of labor out of the equation.

On Wednesday night I was not feeling very well, I had a sore throat and a fever.. not to mention a fancy rash on my neck that itched and hurt. I was supposed to work Thursday morning but ended up calling in sick and pregnant. I wanted to make sure to get extra rest since I was scheduled to have our baby the next morning.

Thursday, I did everything in my power to get better. I drank plenty of fluids, had soup, used essential oils and took an antibiotic that was prescribed by my doctor. I went to bed that night feeling a little better but not 100% I had my husband give me a blessing to help me feel at peace with delivering our baby boy/girl (we didn’t know!) the next morning.  I was just as anxious and excited for the delivery. I have had a c-section with the twins so I knew what to expect but was still nervous about the whole thing. Being cut open is a little nerve racking, I suppose.

Friday morning came and our alarms went off at 5:00 AM. We were supposed to be at the hospital at 6 AM to get all prepped and ready to go.


We checked in and the nurses took me into a delivery room.

I changed into my gown, had an IV placed in my arm to where they started giving me fluids. They strapped on a monitor to monitor the babies heart rate and contractions. (I wasn’t having contractions but they do it anyway.)


My doctor came in to check on me, making sure everything was still a go. I told him I still wasn’t feeling good but better then the last two days. He assured me baby would be fine and I actually would be given antibiotics during the c-section.

The anesthesiologist also came in to introduce himself. He was cool guy who made me feel at ease with the spinal epidural. I also had a friend of mine that was an NICU nurse that I wanted with me and she showed up shortly after.

After I had received a bag and a half of fluid I was able to walk into the surgery room. I was given my epidural. Which felt like a big bee sting and I may of flinched a bit. I laid down and shortly after my legs started to feel warm. Which felt great, cause laying there with no pants on in a cold surgery warm is just grand. Winking smile 


{Right before I left to go into the surgery room.}


My Doctor introduced another doctor to me who was going to assist in the cesarean. Both of them were very friendly and actually chatted about several things. Family members, football , my pregnancy etc. which helped ease my anxiety a bit. I was able to watch the procedure in the light. Weirdly, I am okay with watching me be cut open.. It is interesting to me and the doctors described to me what they were doing and walked me through it. I couldn’t see clearly but could see things happening. Both doctors said everything looked great and I had healed great from my last cesarean. ->That is always something you want to hear if you want to have more children in the future.

When they got to my uterus, my doctor had us take our final guesses on what the sex of the baby was. He told Brent to make the big announcement since I couldn’t see with the drape. I could see in the light but not a ton of detail.

Brent and I both said BOY!

When my doctor pulled the babe out, Brent announced it sure enough was a BOY!


My friend nurse then took him and got him all taken care of and wrapped up. Brent was next to him the whole time while I was being stitched back up.




He weighed 7 lbs. 5.6 ounces and was 20.75 inches long.

Brent brought him over to me so I could see him and kiss him. Then the second I was sat back up I was able to hold him and do skin to skin.



He is perfect. I feel so blessed and grateful for such a great pregnancy and delivery.


Baby feet may be my favorite.

I did however experience a bit of nausea afterward. I had nausea the first time but it lasted a little longer than the last time. I was given anti nausea right away, which helped ease it a bit.

Having our family together was surreal. Tanner and Baylee were so excited to meet their little brother!




Roen was born October 10, 2014 he has been a dream baby.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be his mother and watch him grow. He is our miracle baby and we couldn’t be happier.