Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tangent Thursday?

I am so happy today is Thursday for two reasons:

1.Brent comes home from a 4 day business trip. I am sure he is excited to have his 12AM,3AM and 6AM alarm back. Winking smile

2. Tomorrow is Halloween!! It really is one of my favorite holidays! It came a little tooo fast this year and I don’t have a costume.. I know, I’m a slacker.

Here is a flash back from last year for ya!


Yesterday I went to target for one reason.


And yes, they are that good and yes, I did leave target with way more than I had intended.. Who doesn’t?

We also made it out on a walk around the park yesterday. This may be my favorite part of the day.

The twins had #2 of 3 Halloween parties yesterday at preschool. The dead cheerleader loves to hold her baby bro. Wait… are you surprised she wasn’t Queen Elsa? Yea, me too! Bee actually wanted to be a dead cheerleader?

It was a a fun filled day yesterday, so fun it required a diet coke (caffeine free) and a sugar cookie


This song came on during my walk today and I cant wait to add it to my running playlist!


Lastly, fall is here (even if it was 75 degrees today) which means it’s time to eat soup!


I love soup, This being one of my favorites from my grandma. I need to share the recipe with you all. Yes?

What is your favorite soup?

Are you dressing up this year? What are you going to be?