Friday, November 5, 2010

schedule schedule schedule

Good Morning Everyone!!
Last night the Mr. was working late so I settled down with the babes and watch the nightly news with a bag of this..
100 calorie pop kettle korn.. yes.. I loved it and ate about half of the bag. It was a perfect treat to end the day.

this morning for breakfast I went for the usual

Oats oats oatS!

1/3 c. of old fashioned oatmeal
1/2 scoop of vanilla protein eas
1 tbs of AB

I have to admit. I love my staple. Oatmeal is what fuels my morning almost every morning!

Lately, I have been getting emails on how I handle everything I do
How do I have time to do all that I do?
being a wife, a mom of twins, fitness instructor, workout, clean, cook etc..and still have time to do things for well me.

Yes, I am a little busy body but the only way I make it through my day is my schedule..
Okay, my schedule is planned through my babies schedule.

When I had my babies I made sure to get them on a schedule right away. Pretty easy right?... Luckily.. It went pretty smooth.. when the twinners were newborn we fed them every two hours at the same time, burped them, then changed them.. then nap time. 
Now that they are 3 months old. They are pretty much like clockwork. They eat every 3 hours.. 7:00am, nap 10am, play time 1pm , nap 4pm nap,7pm, playtim,10pm bedtime Unless we do something to throw them off for ex. church, family parties, errands etc. Which I absolutely hate to do but sometimes you just have no choice..
I have my schedule written down everyday, I write down everything I want to get done between feedings and play time. 

Starting my day at 7, or earlier if I take a class in the am. 
The babies usually wake up at 7 or shortly after
I feed them
I burp them
I change their diapers
Then I swaddle them back up with their binkies and they take a nap.
After they are happy and sleeping I get as much done for myself as I can.
breakfast, get ready for the day, make bed, blog etc.
(yes, I write down everything I need to do. including getting ready)
If its not listed it most likely won't get done.
I love to write
I love to make list
It keeps me sane
and keeps my babies happy.
I credit my schedule to making my babies sleep through the night at 6 weeks and have never gone back.

always remember to schedule time in just for you.. a bubble bath, write in your journal, a mini manicure/pedicure. Something that you love to do.. 
Also schedule time in with your hubby, The Mr. and I usually are home together most days by 7 or 8 we chat about our days through dinner or just relaxing on the couch. 
Even if we don't make it until both heads hit the pillow we just stay up for an hour just chatting and laughing before we both fall asleep. 
When your baby is in the first few weeks of life they will sleep a lot during the day, take advantage and nap yourself. It may take some time to establish a schedule but once you do. It will be easier. 
A happy mommy is a well rested mommy but its amazing how we can actually run on little to no sleep at all.

Schedule Schedule Schedule!!!

following their schedule will make happy & healthy babies