Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the roof.. the roof is on fiya!

Hey everyone!! Last night was amazing!!! I am one lucky girl to have such an amazing husband!! 
when he got home from work he gave me my gift!

Diamond Earrings!! Last year, Brent gave me diamond earrings to, but last month baby B was playing with my jewlery box and it fell over and one of the earrings disappeared!!!! I searched EVERYWHERE!! I couldn't find it anywhere. It made me so sad, I cried all day.. not just because I lost it, but because I didn't want to have to tell Brent I lost one.. being the wonderful man he is.. he understood. But by any means I did not expect him to replace them! 

Our babysitter arrived.. (thanks Aly!) and we were off to spend the remaining of the night in wedded bliss. by stuffing our faces. 

When we arrived to our table there was a rose waiting on the table!
And I got it at the end of the date.. ;)
unlike some of the girls from "the bachelor".. 

Dinner was fabulous! Everything was so good! THE ROOF is buffet style. I usually am not a fan of buffet's something about mass quanity, low quality.. But the roof is good quality.. and you have to make it worth it right?!

Round 1
Salmon, shrimp, beef medallion, and oven roasted pork. 
Thats a lot of meat.. but I had to taste test a little bit of all..
my favorite by far was the salmon! 

Round 2
More shrimp.. more salmon, chicken cordon blue, asparagus and salad.


Round 1
Fruit Tart, Chocolate decadence (my favorite), and fruit pastry puff

Round 2
Carrot cake, chocolate covered strawberries and raspberry cheese cake square and watermelon and cantalope for good measure. ;)

When you pay about $100 for a meal. You bet your bottom dollar I'm going to eat "taste test" as much as I can.. and try a little bit of everything.. ;)

Everything was delicious and it was a perfect night with my husband.

We had an amazing view 

And the JSMB is beautiful! 

As my husband said last night.. 
"This was definatley in the top 3 of our anniversaries" 


  1. That's the best table in the house! Congratulations on 3 years!

  2. What an amazing anniversary!!! Those earring look so pretty. I bet they are gorgeous on you!!! Your husband is a keeper for sure :-)

    That restaurant looks incredible! What a view!!!

  3. Oh, you eat at all my favorite places! (Au Naturale + the Roof!) Yum. The carrot cake at the Roof is the best. I have dreams about that cake. I found you from Janetha's blog. I am in SLC, too :) xoxo