Monday, March 31, 2014

A lot of St. George Hiking Pictures

This last weekend we headed to St. George for “Spring Break.” 

I left late Thursday with my SIL Janey and we drove down. My MIL has a condo there so we have a free stay. I absolutely love it down there. The weather is fantastic, and the hiking is amazing. 

We spent most of our time exploring the red rocks. Janey and I took the kids on multiple hikes. They did so well and loved it all.

We hiked up to the top and all around the infamous Dixie Rock.


This kid is a crack up. He wore his glasses upside down the entire time… we tried to tell him they were upside down.. apparently ours were upside down…


It is one incredible view at the top of the rock.




Another hike is one I did with my Red Rock Relay team. It is in Red Cliffs Recreation area. It is off the Leeds exit if you are ever in the area. It was a perfect hike for my kids. It is a quick hike and the best part was is that they were able to hike the whole thing without any assistance.


We spent the remaining time at the pool and visiting family members that I have living down there.

Brent spent all day Saturday in Vegas at the NHRA Drag races with his Mom and Step-Dad.


Then we got to drive home Sunday.


For FOUR & a half hours..

Besides the drive home it was a great trip! We ate out, had swig drinks and cookies, lots of relaxing and everything in between.

Like always I’m happy to be home and back to routine, home cooked meals and work.

Back to normal blogging this week!