Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Abs Delight


Yesterday was a busy day teaching, errands and playing with the twinners so by the end of it I decided to spend a little extra time just hanging out with my little family. Tuesday nights are the only night Brent is home during the week so we decorated the Christmas tree..(again) and just had a lazy night at home.

I took the babes to the grocery store with me and they finally caught eye of the the mini-carts…


(I promise I did Bee’s hair.. she is going through a “bow hate” phase and took it out..)

They actually did really well following me through the store and taking turns putting things in the cart.. and some things they decided to put in on their own….

ANNNND I forgot one ingredient I needed for my recipe… so that will have to wait. Sad smile I love when you go to the store for something you need and end up forgetting it all together… oops!


This morning I added a little ginger to my normal bowl of oats in the morning and it was fantastic! It tasted like Crumbled Ginger man cookies!! Plus some grapefruit!! (Which is fantastic right now BTW.)


It was perfect fuel to get me through this mornings workout!


HERE is the complete WOD.

It was a team workout, if you have a workout partner is an awesome workout to do together and it working out as a team always makes the workout fly by. Kind of makes you feel like a kid again and by the end you’re a sweaty mess.

I had about an hour to kill before coaching the noon class so I headed out for a short run and being the smart person I am, I was wearing a skirt and made it about a mile outside before I took it in to the TM because I was not warming up. Skills gym is right across the street from GPP so I ran over there to finish the run up. As soon as I got on the treadmill I ran 3 miles at a moderate/easy pace and decided I was bored and couldn’t handle anymore TM running for the day. I hopped off and did a quick abs circuit!


I made this up as I went along and it ended up being a great workout! Not only were my abs on fire, my shoulders were burning from the jump rope!

Here are a few demos of the exercises that I included in the above workout!

Plank Rows

Hanging leg raises

KB swings

Ball Pikes

I whipped up a quick recovery shake at skills before heading back to work.


I added a few frozen blueberries and strawberries into my chocolate protein and blended it with water and ice and it came out to be the perfect thickness! I love when that happens! I usually make the mistake of adding to much ice or not enough..#proteinshakefail ---- But this totally hit the spot today!


Lunch came pretty quickly--


I really had a craving for eggs so I scrambled 4 egg whites up with some spinach, and had some raspberries and sweet potatoes on the side..Which I ate the majority of them while my eggs were cooking.

The twins took a LOOOONG nap today, so I took advantage of the extra time to get some stuff done around the house that I have been procrastinating.. think laundry, dishes, toy room clean-up.. etc.

My stomach has been a little unsettled today so I decided on a light dinner to get me through the night.


I cooked a fillet of tilapia on a skillet and seasoned it with a new to me.

Mrs. Dash- extra spicy!


Extra spicy it was! I It was the perfect addition to my fish. It was spicy hot but not to the point you have to take a drink and try inhaling to cool your mouth off hot.. but just enough to get my taste buds jumpin’!

I loved it!!

Question of the Day?

What is your favorite spice to season with?

I love all Mrs. Dash! I have a serious collection going on.

What is your favorite core movement?

I have a new love for blank rows! They work the back and burn the core!


  1. ow! I've never seen that Mrs. Dash. I must try it- delish! I will have to pickup some grapefruit when I go shopping tomorrow. I got a ton done around the house yesterday too- felt fantastic!

  2. Extra spicy Mrs. Dash?! I must get my hands on that. I love everything with ground or crushed red pepper...every.thing.

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