Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gearing up for Winter Running!

Workout: 30 min slow run 4.15 miles

There is suppose to be a big snow storm dumping on us tomorrow. I am NOT a fan of winter. It really screws up my running. If you are anything like me you enjoy running outside vs. treadmill, you enjoy being able to run in shorts and a tank with a cool breeze at perfect fall temperatures.

I live in Utah. My ideal running temps last from about June-August in the early morning and Sept-October in the afternoon. Then the snow hits.

I wait until the sun comes up and I get bundled up.

Must have: Winter running

My friend Chelsea, has winter running down.
  • Beanie/headband—you need to cover your ears when you run. It prevents you from catching a cold. I am lusting after this.
  • GLOVES- My hands freeze every winter. I even wear gloves. I need to invest in this pair. I like to keep some hand warmers in my running belt just incase my gloves fail me.
  • Reflective Vest—if your brave enough to go in the dark. If possible, run during the day so you can see where your stepping to avoid slippery ice
  • These are awesome to run in! Especially the day after a snow storm. Don’t wear them on the road, just in the snow. Trail running shoes are awesome as well!
  • Layer up! You may get a little heated during your run so layer up just in case you need to shed.
I love to wear something like this, this and this. Pretty much a thin layer long sleeve, fleece fitting and wind resistant.
  • Running tights: You obviously don’t want to wear shorts so get some tights like these. Wunder Unders really are my favorite running tights by a land slide but are a little on the pricey side, I know you can find something similar without spending all your grocery money for the month. Like these. I also like to scope out Tj Maxx- they can have some awesome deals on running gear!
Know this:  Winter running
  • Throw your running clothes in the dryer for a few minutes before heading out.
  • Shorten your stride-  By keeping your feet lower to the ground you will run more efficiently and and lower your chance of totally eating it. If you can run on fresh snow rather then ice or packed snow you will have better traction.
  • Warm-up: When you get outside walk for a little bit and let your muscles warm up a tad before take off with a comfortable tempo.
  • If its absolutely freezing, icy head to the treadmill and knock out your miles there.
  • Run a holiday race, change up your course and check out some Christmas lights around town. As always, keep it different, keep it fun!
Question of the day:
What is your winter running tip?


  1. Buuuurrrr.. I liked Amanda's.. haha.. don't do it.

  2. I could totally not run in Utah in the Winter :) I have a tough time doing it in SC and we don't get snow!! Layering is the way to go!