Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Round 2


Yep, not kidding. I for one am over Thanksgiving. But I usually get 4 Thanksgiving dinners… and this year, I only got two…pretty much with the same people..

So I’m doing another Thanksgiving recap along with a weekend re-cap. Its all good ya’ know. New recipe coming atcha’ tomorrow..

Weekend Re-cap

My Grandparents showed up this weekend so we spent some time together in SLC. My BIL and his brother and friend build a display for Deseret Book every year and this year they built a taffy maker train. It is pretty amazing to see. It is massive and even has a train whistle that you can pull! I couldn’t get Tanner away from it. He loved it!


My grams and gramps are from Boise so we don’t get to see them very often, but it is always a treat when the make the trip down for a surprise visit!

If you get a chance to come to SLC. Temple square is definitely a must do. Especially during the holidays because the lights are phenomenal! Every tree branch and bush is covered in lights. We have made it sort of a tradition to go every year. The kids love it. It was pretty packed though.. So it was hard to stop and enjoy the lights without being in some ones way.



Thanksgiving #2

Yesterday Afternoon we had another Thanksgiving dinner at Brent’s dads house. He got re-married last year and they put together a complete spread exactly how Thanksgiving should be.

Homemade everything, special china, and everyone sitting and passing food around. Our family is so big we barely fit, but I loved it!


I filled my plate with some turkey, salad and corn bread stuffing—Which was fabulous! Then after dinner I continued to snack on a veggie tray that was sitting out. I forget how much I love cucumbers! I use to buy them all the time but kind of have forgotten about them lately.

It was a great meal and great time with Brents family again.

Thanksgiving was different this year because I didn’t really get to spend time with my family because they went out of town but it was nice to not have to jump party to party this year.

I welcomed back clean eating today and I made sure to get my workout in today. I also even taught Body Attack plus a little TM walking with my friend Melissa to catch up over the weekend.


Now that thanksgiving is over and the pies and treats are gone, I’m recommitting to my THF diet. I have about 5 more weeks with Porter so its time to buckle down! Holiday’s got nothing on me.. well.. kinda but I’m working on it .Winking smile

It’s time for some shut eye! I have a early workout on tap for tomorrow!

Question of the Day:

What is your plan to stay in check during the holidays?


  1. So much deliciousness, Candice- glad you had a great Thanksgiving! I find that the less I think about it beforehand, the more likely I am to not go overboard...otherwise the focus becomes too much on food! Although I gotta say, veggies definitely taste best after the holidays ;)!

  2. That first family picture is so cute! And cornbread stuffing sounds awesome! I try to splurge on the unique items I can't get every day and stay away from the stuff thats always available

  3. Your Thanksgiving looked wonderful! All of the food looks great. :) I love the picture of you and your family! So cute!