Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Challenges!


Hey guys! I hope your weekend is off to a great start!

The past few days I have been up to my eyeballs in Christmas decorations.. I love Christmas decorations once it is all up..

I got my sweat on this morning at GPP and got a quick run in at skills on the TM. My hip has been bugging me a little again lately. I first started to notice it last night, I spent a good half hour last night icing and rolling the life out of it and got back to it today, I started slowly before picking it up and when it actually came down to getting it done, I just wasn’t in the mood to really run. To keep myself from becoming bored I turned it into a walk/run workout. It was actually a lot of fun and made the time go by fast!


I would rather run outside right now, because the weather has been strangely warm during the day, but not quite warm enough to take the babies out in the stroller. A run is a run though, good or bad and I got it done!

No hip pain! But I’m not going to push it and give myself a few extra “run free” days for a couple weeks. I hate injuries.. so I better do my best to avoid them!


Tomorrow is December FIRST!!

It is time for the egg nog, candy, parties and all that jazz to begin!!

It is common to gain a few pounds between Thanksgiving and New years! There is a way to keep it off! Or at least spare a few RIGHT?! Not by avoiding it all but enjoying some things—not everything. - Tis the season right?!

There have been a ton of challenges popping up everywhere and I am not one to turn down a challenge, especially if I can benefit from them!

Challenges are good for us.

Here are a few of the faves! You can pick to do some, all or none. It is up to you!


The “Holiday Hold Em” Challenge

From the GPP website:

This one will be simple (don’t want to burn you out on challenges this close to the New Year).

It goes like this:

You are to weigh yourself in ASAP.  If you are able to replicate that same weight on January 2nd, you are eligible for $10 off your next GPP membership dues.  For those off-site (or if you choose this option instead): You will be eligible to purchase a GPP shirt at cost (around $14.00 including shipping).

Here is the kicker:

For those of you who LOSE WEIGHT, you may take an additional $2 per pound lost off your next GPP membership dues.  Off-site you may apply the same $2 per pound to additional shirts or other GPP products (protein, bars, etc.)

You must state that you are “in” by posting to comments.  You do not have to post your weight.  Please consider posting daily, as it strengthens this community and our collective efforts.

This is a fun and simple challenge to help keep us in check through the holidays! It would be fun to have you all join in! Why not? Right!?


Facebook Challenge!


I found this gem on FB today! If you love squats.. you will love this challenge! No pressure. It kind of reminds me of following a marathon training plan.. There is even rest days! I like that it is different everyday! I’m not a huge squat lover. Winking smile



This starts tomorrow!

Janetha did this challenge last year and it is simple to follow and be part of and you get the chance to win some cool stuff!!

Check out her post HERE!



Fit Mixer Boot camp

If you want to switch up your routine for the new year, check out the  fit mixer boot camp

If you want in for a chance to win a FREE spot into the boot camp starting January 14, 2013

Get this DONE.

  • Make a video under 3 minutes long describing why you need fit mixer® Boot Camp
  • Upload the video to
  • Title the video “Why I need fitmixer Boot Camp”
  • Email the link of your video to [email protected]
  • Share the video with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email - however you can - and tell them to vote by “Liking” (clicking the “Thumbs Up” icon) your video on YouTube.

The person with the most video “likes” on December 8 WINS!

Baylee is ready to get her workout on through the holidays.. How about you?


Good LUCK!

Question of the day:

Which Challenge are you in for?

What is your favorite holiday indulgence?


SIDENOTE: TRADER JOES opened today in SLC today! FINALLY!! I can’t wait to go but want to wait a little while for the crowds to die down.. I don’t think I was the only one that is a food fanatic in town. Winking smile