Sunday, November 4, 2012

What happens in Vegas…

We just got home from celebrating Brent’s Birthday Weekend in Vegas!

It was nice to unplug and just spend time together! My BIL and his wife- Brandon and Janey came along for the ride.

We left Friday night and got caught in killer traffic so we took a 2 hour break at Scheels, a new sports store in Utah. Brent has been asking to go for awhile so we decided instead of wasting gas, why not go play around in the worlds larges sporting good store for awhile.


Scheels has EVERYTHING for any outdoor enthusiast. Biking, running, apparel, hunting, fishing, etc. You name it, they got it. -even a Ferris wheel.


We had a fun time playing around with a few photo ops that were around.

Once we got on the road again, traffic -we pulled into St.George around 1am. We slept at Brent’s moms condo for the night and got to Vegas Saturday afternoon, just in time to place a bet on the game. Winking smile

Our Utes WON!

We spent the afternoon shopping and people watching.

We stayed at MGM Grand hotel right on the strip. Check-in took forever… but once we got to our room, we dropped off our bags, got ready and headed out to get some food!


I had packed a few meals to keep me on track through the weekend, so I stuck some meals in the mini bar in the hotel room.. did you know they have sensors on that crap, and charge you if you move it… oops… Don’t worry, we talked them into removing the charge, but they weren’t very nice about it! But there was no way we were going to pay $220 for keeping my food cold.. Oh, well.. guess we won’t stay there again! Nice room- but service was a little unfriendly.

We walked around for awhile and ended up at some Mexican place that had a café rio feel to it. I tried to stick to my THF plan and got a salad with grilled chicken, veggies, pico de gallo and some guac.


Not great, not bad.. but clean as can be!

We tried to score some tickets to a show but the one we wanted to go to was priced well over $100 and I wasn’t willing to cough up that much dough so we shopped a little more and ended up leaving Lulu with my entire Christmas..

We ate dinner at the Rainforest Café. To save some money and keep it clean, I got a cheap side salad and topped it with a packet of tuna I kept in my purse.. A normal size salad was $25!!


I love the atmosphere of Rainforest Café. There was a “rainstorm” every half hour. The lights would flash and all the jungle animals would move and make noise. It was pretty entertaining. I also loved the fish tank!

Our service was great. The food was pretty pricey but hey, it was Vegas. Nothing is cheap really..


Brent got the BBQ Chicken Pizza that he really liked. I had a bite of the chicken and it was delish!

After dinner we enjoyed hanging out watching all the party -goers and people lose a lot of mula in the casino. I have never been brave enough to gamble… freals.. I would NOT be a good poker player…

We spent the night walking around town, jumping hotel to hotel. The thing about Vegas is that there is always something to do! Just walking around is entertaining!

Before I left Nevada, I dragged everyone into trader Joes.. (We don’t have one in Utah—yet) To stock up on a few favorites!


I made out like a Bandit! My husband loves my obsession with this grocery store.. he even skipped in with me.



It was a loooong drive home but it feels good to be here and after 2 days away from the twins I was pretty excited to see them!

After 2 full days off of training, I’m recharged and ready to go!

Here comes MONDAY!


  1. FUN weekend! I can't believe a salad is $25?! Thats just nuts. Yayy for TJs!

  2. We just went to Scheels yesterday! It was enormous. We just stopped in on our way home from Sundance but I really want to go back and check it out a bit more. There's a running shirt I need an excuse to buy :) LOVE that you stocked up at TJs on your mini vacation! I'll be doing just that when we go home for Thanksgiving