Monday, November 19, 2012

Cardio Monday


Today was a great kick start to the week.

I started with a healthy, simple breakfast, and got ready to hit the gym!



I always enjoy tough workouts post weekend. Sunday’s are always my rest days, so by Monday I’m itching for a good sweat. This morning GPP delivered.



I partitioned all of the movements beside the row. I just stuck with it until it was done. I also used a #35 KB for 100 of the swings and a #25 for the rest. For the box jumps I used a 24 inch box which ended up taking me twice as long to do but it was a fun new challenge. The workout took me 49:58 to finish and I actually got thinking about it on my way home and I think I left out 50 squats.. shoot.

I was a fan of this workout. I really liked it!

After the workout I took the kids to Kangaroo zoo, that is a great place for the kids to jump around on inflatable slides, and obstacles. Bee was a little nervous about the whole thing but T went to town!


We met Brent back at home to wrap up our kitchen project that we started Saturday!

We painted our cabinets!!





Picture was taken with my crappy I phone. Obviously… but I am surprised how well they turned out.. I was really nervous about the whole thing but Brent did a great job with the glaze.

After 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint and then glaze.. we are done! We still have to spray a glaze on them to wrap them up and put the handles all back on but at least I can clean up my kitchen somewhat..

I am officially done with home DIY. No likey.

Okay, that’s a lie.. but I’m giving it a good 6 month break before I repaint my bedroom.

Workout #2

When we wrapped it up I headed to the gym to teach Body Attack, I taught release 78 again and I decided I really like this release. It kicks serious trash though. But after painting cabinets I had some crazy stored up energy and was ready to kill it. It was a great class.

Yesterday Re-cap:

The cabinets took most of the day yesterday and little bee was so tired of being cooped up inside she decided she wanted to go swimming.


Guys.. she did this by herself. She got her swimsuit, water gun and goggles all by herself! When I told her it was to cold to go swimming (its like 45 degrees outside) she ran and got her coat.

Her personality kills me. I love her. How could you not?!

She is obviously my daughter because summer is my favorite too.

I’m off to bed, I have to wake up and workout before 8 tomorrow.. and I haven’t done that in what seems like weeks. Alarm say what?

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite time of the day to workout?

Do you do home DIY projects? If you do, what? and if you don’t - DON’T.

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  1. She is SO cute! Ah adore! I wish we could all keep that no stresses attitude our whole lives. Attack rocks- I'm excited to dig into the new release. We are launching the first week of January to kick butt in the new year. Favorite time of day to workout? First thing.