Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Traps are on Fire.

Good News: At least one kid slept through the night. And today was MUCH better then yesterday. Totally Winning.

BUT is it a good thing that it is Wednesday and I feel completely wrecked?

It is launch week at one of the gyms I teach at, so everyday this week has been two-a-days for me. So when I saw this workout pop up last night on GPP website, for todays workout I cringed a little. Last time we did this workout, I did not RX it. I had to drop weight to get through it. It is ROUGH..


When I woke up this morning I was totally feeling the power cleans from yesterday.. I workout every morning and spent the whole drive to the gym talking myself into doing the workout with every intention of using the RX weight.

The smart me, thought I should actually take it easy, I had another workout coming tonight, I was sore, give the bod a break and give up RX today. THEN the real me comes out..Do it, push it, embrace it and get it done.

I grabbed the #15 dumbell and got it done. ALL of it. It took me longer then I would of hoped for. I also had to stop and shake it out more then once. But I RX’d that sucker. That felt better at the end and accomplished!

My man traps are still sore.. but worth the RX.

If you hate doing core work, like crunches, sit ups, planks and all that jazz. Throw this workout into your day. This workout will do amazing things for your core, without one sit-up.

I wrapped up the day with a little Body Combat. I have all my extra cardio in for the week according the the TDC! Except for the fact I’m not in bed yet. Totally failing on the sleep thing. I better search for a case lot sale.

With that being said, I’m keeping this short and sweet and heading for some ZZZ’s

Question of the day:

When you are sore do you take a rest day or go workout anyway..(I know I’m not the only addict.)

What do you do to keep you on track for your goals?